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Sunday yes it is-

Yes it is sunny today though it was yesterday morning then it clouded in so it would be wonderful if it managed to shine all day. The garden calls me (as usual) I expect I will potter about I have a new seated area with a view of the flower beds I can sit and watch the Jenny wrens bobbing about, they are so enchanting, endearing little birds popping in and about the garden. I have a back up plan today making bead spiders depending on fingers and joint mobility. Visitor today coming up from Yorkshire my step son should be a giggle he always make me smile. Right papers next love sunday papers have a good day everyone with as little pain - or no pain that would be ideal hugs x gins

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Im glad you said it was sunday lol.

I keep losing days. Thought it was saturday.

So overcast here. My garden seriously needs doing but there is no way i can do anything like that with my back pain. May have to get a gardener in. :(

Hope you have a lovely relaxing day whatever you do. xx


lovely sun in east yorkshire hope it lasts have a good day everyone xx


Its sunny gonna miss oyr back garden when we move into a flat again.

Feel like crying when i think abt it.have a super hoping to go and watch a fave band pf mine outside.x


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