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Well what a day i took my doggy to beach with my partner for hour then straight after that took daughter into town abd got her a new double bed and mattress from argos which is being delivered on 4 th Aug, then we came home and picked up couple bits and we went to my other daughters stayed there for 3 hours then went to the next sale on the way home we ended up in there for nearly an hour !!!!!! then we fiallt walked in the front door at 6.30 so walked the dog again jus tfor 5 mins up thr road then put a futon on the gumtree for sale then i evetually got in the bath at 7.50

and my patner cane round at 8,30 and we just watched some tv and i am now in bed although i dont why someone has got a party a few streets away and the wind is carrying the music and singing lol but it dont worry me as i will prob be awake when the party all finishes lol x j hope your day has been a bit more relaxing ? oh and i also finished the last in the triology fifty shades freed that was at 6 this morning lol oh well will see what sort of night i will have but i can pretty much suspect it will be the same as my other nights drop of in a fitful sleep at about 2 am and get up at 3/4 am love to you all diddle xx

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Seems like I am not the only late bird tonight Diddle!!. I too have had a busy day but have now gone past feeling the need to sleep. Was just contemplating taking a book to bed in the hope that it will send me off in which case I can have a few hours rest before morning. Hoping you will get a restful night even if you don't sleep, there is nothing worse that not sleeping and being restless with it!!.

Take care, love Angela xx


Diddle how do you manage to do so much. I really admire you. Icouldn't walk to the bus stop over the road,but you seem to get around like a two year old, and good on you. Let us into your secret please, how do you seperate yourself from the intense pain that FM gives you.

Please tell us. I want what you're taking!!! Long may you keep this up. Best wishes.X.


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