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Hi everyone , I'm not too good on forums but here goes , After having fibro for over 25 years , misshapen toes and really sore feet in general plus other stuff too numerous to mention I have just received a phone call yesterday aft. to tell me that I scored no points at all and will now have to go on jobseekers allowance . I live alone so hopefully what money I get will see me through.BUT this is what gets me , I will be sixty in 6months time , who please tell me who is going to take me on ?

I feel absolutely gutted.

Also will all the numbers or ppl being turned down be on the people out of work numbers ?

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  • (((lizzyboo))) Please please appeal against your refusal, whilst that is being considered they can't drop your current benefits, I have been told that by appealing and stating your case quite forcefully (not sure I could do that though ) that the initial decision may be overturned. Am sending good thoughts your way, muchly Dottii x I also have been wondering how they are going to massage the unemployment figures with all the people going on to the job seeking market - methinks they are robbing Peter to pay Paul x

  • Thanks for answering so quickly . I feel so let down by the system , I spent years at home looking after my hubby who had MS and must have saved the government a lot and now this. I am trying to get my head around appealing , I don't want to look like I am begging if you know what I mean , my daughter is encourageing me to go ahead so will give myself a few days to wallow and then I will get stuck in . Thanks for your help

  • Disgusting.all aload of godswallop atos etc are.

    They dont live in real world at all.i hope they never have to worry..x

  • Lizzy go for the appeal..I got no points and went for the appeal and was awarded 18 points. Might help if you have representation..I had CAB representing me...I was asked some questions by the panel but just told the don't give up that's what they want I was also put into the support group which i wasn't in before. think about it please.

  • appeal it will take them six months to see you ...

  • I must be honest I have ESA support group, but before I got It I kept thinking exacly the same, who the hell is going to employ a nearly 60yr old person who can hardly walk 2 steps without falling. APPEAL you have nothing to loose xxxx

  • Thanks very much for all your support , I will appeal but I'm sure you all know how it felt to be turned down or not believed if I'm being honest . It seems like they want to get rid of us .Thanks again

  • Hi Lizzy, Im in the same boat. got turned down at my appeal on July 2nd and got told to sign on or Id lose all benefit. I have done that, but like you said, who ia going to employ us knowing we're likely to have a lot of time off sick.I cant afford to live on sick pay, thats worse than Jobseekers. Also, Im 54, been off the job seeking market for 23yrs and not qualified for anything, didnt get good grades at school coz Im dyslexic (and I've had Fibro for 30 yrs, Ive got arthritis, depression,asthma and high BP) But Im not giving up. If they want a fight, they got one. Well, 2 if youre with me!! good luck.

  • are you on DLA ? I was put in the back to work group for ESA and lost my DLA. I joined at this site -

    and got my dla back due to the advice here. I can now concentrate on the esa appeal info. it costs £20 to join but is invaluable. the CAB will help. good luck.

    regards, sandra99b

  • Thanks Sandra yes I get DLA and am looking at as many sites that I can to help me. I honestly think I may not have gone about filling in my form in the correct way . I never gave it enough thought and from what I have learnt on here I should have given how I was affected on my bad days . But with a bit more knowledge now I should hopefully stand a better chance , so thanks to all of you ):

  • definatly appeal, it has taken nearly a year for me to be seen , don't just take it on the chin so to speak, you have a right to appeal so go for it, if not the system wins and why should they if you are entitled through illness

  • Thanks for your kind words everyone x

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