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My sister took deliverey of her spray tan kit yesterday so she wants me to be the guinea pig today lol so goodness knows what colour i will end up !!!! as long as i dont look like a satsuma thats fine by me it is just a shame it is absolutely throwing it down here today has been all through the night so hopefully the tan will remind me it is summer time woo woooo

love to you all diddle xxxx

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Good livk diddle your not allowed to shower or bath for a while after

Drove me bonkers.i felt sticky.and i looked soo good broen.better than sun beds.

You arent at risk with this.

Never use sunbeds dangerous.x


my daughter had one done for her prom, and it rained on her! she was a bit spotty we had to cover the white bits with make up, so be careful walking your dog! cazx


hi guys

why does it tak so long for DLA claim to be processed ?

claimed for CFS in may & my GP has sent her info thru ?


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