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It would be nice to be able to make plans and go somewhere without my mate always tagging along he always muscles in on everything i do and sometimes he manages to spoil things or i have to leave early as he is playing up ,

Trouble is i cant get rid of hm he is going to be my lifelong companion and i cant get a divorce(if only) or leave him at home oh no he would not have that

He doesnt take up any room or cost anything to tkae as he never wants anything but he does spoil my days and cost me pain and suffering and sop me dead in my tracks at times

oh well i will just have to take him along and try and give him the slip what are my chances of that ????

love diddle xx

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Yeh I have a so called 'mate' just like that too. It can b as good as gold sometimes for upto a whole day! But that's worse coz then he makes up for the silence! But there are manytimes we go out and he lays so very still and then gets suddenly bored and yep out of the blue.......POW! And yet again spoils my fun :-( maybe we should let our mates meet n let them have a tantrum without us!?!? Lol hope your 'mate' behaves today diddle xxxxx


My fibro mate has just moved in but my GP says he is so much like my Hypothyroid mate who has lived with me for 5 years that their characteristics are very similar and they should get along just fine together.... who is my GP kidding ??? they fight and argue and if one isn't playing up the other one is. and when they both start.... well, it's like WW3 has broken out and leaves me totally exhausted.

p.s I love this site xx


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