I am now gonna go and get in a lovely hot bath as my daughter is going out for tea with her mate so i have just had a tomatoe roll with a little mouse for teae and a nectarine a three course meal tonight woo woo so that is it my day is almost done and what a lovely day it has been (except for mr fibro) but i had to keep pushing him out of the way to do what i wanted to do

i hope you all had a good day ands i will be back on here very late early hours or if not when i get up (very late or early hours lol)

love to you all diddle xxxx

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  • Hi Diddle, I had breakfast, granola. I went to bed at 1pm and woke up at 4.30pm realised I hadn't eaten so had a milky coffee and now I am wondering what to have for my tea x x x

  • Hi diddle, did you really have a tomatoe roll with a little mouse for tea ??? awww yuk lol

    love and gentle hugs jackie xxxx :-)

  • lol no ha ha good job your saw that i had a litle pot of vanilla and raspberry mousse i ould be sick if i had eaten a mouse lol love diddle x

  • lol i new it was mousse hehehe, but just the thought of a little mouse and tomatoe roll sounded funny, but did feel sick just the thought of it hahaha

    :-) love and hugs jackie xxxxx ;-)

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