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Do tender points come & go?

I am wondering whether tender points lie dormant I have tender points in elbows and back of head, hip area - I still know they are there far away and feel they could erupt - also do we develop new tender points? I would like a better understanding, where all my arms flared up for weeks from shoulder to finger tips and now they are weakened. Thank you.

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hi reflections, im not sure bout this 1, i do hav trouble with ma shoulder's down 2 the fingers basically all ova. a few tyms ma elbow has spasmed which made me though ma juice across the room. ma only advice is keep ur arm movin it will get weaker if not in use. i dinna mean pick up buckets o water though just take ur arm up as u as u comfortably can then realease xx


Hi Reflections, that's a very good question, thank you! :)

If you click on the link below it will take you to FibroAction's main site with a detailed explanation about tender points, how many there are, where they are etc. I hope you find this information helpful. I personally have pain in all the tender point areas at varying times, so I guess I could say mine come and go. We all tend to be a bit different though, so it will vary from person to person. If there's any info you are unsure about, please draw attention to it and we will be happy to try to explain. :) :)


Hi, I have widespread pain also from the bones, at varying levels and am wondering if this is the myofascial pain rather than fibromyalgia (along with other sensitives) have CFS also - it's like being a detective - I am having extreme difficulty accepting this and am hoping I don't actually have Fibro.


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