I can do it!

There I go again, I can do any thing so when some one fails to come and put a path in I think I will have ago how far? not far I moved a dozen bricks from A to B now I type one handed . I feel stupid sometimes but you see I will not accept that I cannot do things! I find it hard to sit on a chair and watch others Oh Bugger ! Silly me I should know better after 6years of this. But when I feel I am ok I can do every thing normally/not. So splints on today and sit in the sun! Have a good day everyone x gins

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  • im the same ,i used to do everything ,especially when it came to diy ,and i still cant stop myself from giving it ago ,and then i pay awfully for it ,

    well enjoy your day in the sun ,and make sure you rest ,this coming from me ,who never listens to my own advice lol ,oh well one day i might get into my head that im not superwoman any more lol :)

    hugs xxxx

  • Morning ladies im exactly the same.my brain says go on you can do it.

    Body says no no no u cant.

    We must listen to our bodies now.

    Hard i know i hate it.but we must.

    Enjoy the sun wish it was hotter.x

  • We all do this the mind is a powerful thing, but decorating and gardening have never really happened in my world hate it, my sitting room has been stripped for 13 years ...

    But I like it clean and tidy that's where I do to much and my son dare so not put his clothes down in case I wash them ...

    Soft hugs xxx


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