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HM Courts and Tribunals - Video - ESA Appeals

Hello peeps,

This is a re-post of a previous blog, as the video was unfortunately removed.

Ha Ha ;) I found it again! So I hope you can all watch it this time.

It explains the Appeals Process and why you really must drag yourself to attend and not rely on a good decision, coming just from the paperwork you have sent them.

The same applies to DLA Appeals.

I hope it helps any of you going through, or thinking of going through, the Appeals Process.

I'm also happy to assist any Fibro Action member, who needs help filling in forms of any kind. Just message me with the type of form, a reasonable time when you have an hour spare, a webcam address if you have one and your phone number, so I can phone you back.

happy hugs, kate :)

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ive watched this that is what made me go for a oral hearing instead so huge thanks x


thanks kraftyk8 ,i have saved this now to my computer ,yay me lol ,now if it gets taken off again i will still have it for future reference xxx


it seems very helpful and thaks for offerng to help us with form xxxxxxxxx


oh no its gone again! just got letter about tribunal and hoped for some advice,but theyve taken you clip off again Any words of wisdom?


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