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I have been a sufferer for over 14 years with FM and went through the process of trying everything the docotors asked me to do. I found a lot of the medication gave me cotton wool head or hang over symptons. I eventually got given durogesic patches which for me were life changing as it meant that i could cope with the pain but still feel normal. I am now 7 years down the line and still using patches however i got refered back to a pain clinic as i needed the doesage increased. My pain is/has been off the scale for the last two month but i had light at the end of the tunnel the 'Pain Clinic'. Unfortunately i have been told that they will not increase the dose as i am at the guidline limit. I have tried all other medication even was using Ketamine and morphone patches at the same time, i dont want to go down the line of try this /side effects then well try the next one i thought i was done with all this. I have tried Tens machines, acupunture, physio, cognitive therapy etc and lost count of the endless side effects and buckets of vomit. Before i started the patches i spoke with pain management doctors/consultants for three months before i would comence as my biggest concern was what do i do when the patches no longer work but i was reasurred that this would never happen as i could wear as many patches as i would need to wear. Unfortunately i moved from the North East of England to Scotland where this is definately not the case. I feel like i have just gone back at least 10 years and dont know what to do i am at my wits end and in bits. Anyone any suggestions please.

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  • So sorry to hear that you're having such a hard time with your pain Sharon.

    Have you considered asking your GP for a referral to see a Rheumatologist? That would be the most logical step to take at this point. You would of course be reassessed and then your current meds reappraised too. The unfortunate part of changing your GP for whatever reason is that because one GP thinks you need a particular medication, it doesn't mean another GP will think the same.

    Hope you manage to get something sorted out and that you feel more comfortable very soon! Take care! :) :)

  • Hi Libby

    I have been to see a Rheumatologist for three years had all the injections but because the relief didnt last very long he said it wasnt worth continuing with . He did a nucular body scan on me and all my joint were lit up like a christmas tree his words not mine, but because i dont have any blood markers cant give a diagonsis so said Poly arthritis as well as FM i also have kidney problems. I just dont see why they dont listen and if something works and you are prepared to take the consequences then why not just give it to you. When my meds are at the right level i dont go any where near the doc. I even said i would end up loosing my job, and claiming benefits as i wouldnt be fit for work, i really feel at my wit ends.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer.


  • Hiya Sharon,

    I like you had this happen. I went to see my doc and she put me on a course of streroids which kick started my body making my meds work again. I am also on an antidepressant as a relaxant. have you tried going down that route?

    Wish you pain free soon hun xx

  • Thanks for your answer will have a chat with GP x

  • Hi and welcome on the site so sorry what you are going through we can all sympathise with you itis an waful thing this fibro i too anmm on sooo many meds and butrans pain patches rheumatology just wrote me off and saud no need to see me again as nothing they can do (thanks ) same with thepain clinic (thanks ) so it has been left to me and my absolutely wonderful GP to sort out i have applied for DLA in march but got turned down 2 weeks ago but i am not surprised by that as i think you have to be half dead to get it now (no offence to those getting it so glad you are ) just using that as a term, it is just when you hear how bad some people are suffering not jus with fibro but alot of other health things too and they dont qualify iy makes me wonder how much worse some poor people have to get to get things in place to help them but there you go thats life isnt it love to you diddle x

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