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Hi All

Can you please help me????? I am getting headaches nearly everyday now and i dont know what to do. I woke up this morning and felt ok (well my head did!!!) but about an hour or so aggo out of nowhere my head started to pound and it hasnt let up. I have put my glasses on and took a couple of pain killers but it is making me feel sick. I have always suffered from migraines since school and then they let up a bit. A few years ago i had to go onto beta blockers which is not something i want to really do again if i can help it.

Its back with avengance and i dont know it is linked to my major flare up ive been having or not.

Can you please suggest any tablets that you have been prescribed by your doctor so i can ask mine????? any help would be great


Jo xx

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  • same here, I just cant get rid of my headaches,ive taken all sort of meds today, but its still banging away

  • Jo,

    Could it be a side effect of meds you are currently on? Have you had any changes of meds recently? Just remember it might not be fibro related so might be best to get checked out by GP.

  • According to my doc everything is either down to FM or side effects to pregabalin!!!!! I am whinning myself of the pregabalin but it isnt a different head ache to what i normally have, i am only going down by 50mg a week but i have noticed that the side effects that i was getting on these are going away and they dont happen as often anymore. I am back at the docs next week about something else so if i have time i will mention my head aches as he was very short with me the last time when i went as i wanted to show him something and he was running out of time!!!!!!

    Thanks though i will try and mention it.

  • You're not alone as you can see. I too suffer from headaches most of time....can't function properly when I've got a real humdinger. I've always had them but they seem to be worse and more frequent since I've had the fibro. :/ xx

  • hi i get shocking headaches the doc gave me imigran but even they r taking ages to work ,i have to lay down in a darkish room n wait for them to work ,i had a headache on sat n it lasted until tues on n off n its still niggling a little now drives me bonkers sofy hugs xx

  • Ive always had migraine from when I was young, but lately theyre awful

  • i get headaches a lot too they are like migranes, try laying in the room blacked out it helps me. take care sending hugs


  • Hello Jojo, sorry to hear that you're suffering with headaches at the moment, they're awful things. I've had migraine since I was a little girl, and most days wake up with a headache ranging in intensity. Have you considered that your headaches could be being caused by your meds? Some tablets are known amongst other side effects to make you more susceptible to headaches. Also you could be going through a "cluster" headache period which isn't uncommon for people who get migraines. It basically means you're going through a phase with lots of continual headaches with little respite. Of course with Fibromyalgia one of the symptoms is also headaches, so it's a bit of a guessing game as to what is causing your headaches.

    It would be worth you having a chat with your Doctor to rule out any other causes and to reappraise your meds possibly. You might need to take something to help prevent you having headaches. I was prescribed Pizotifen tablets, I take one at night, only a small dose, and it has significantly reduced my "daily waking up headaches" and also reduced my usual migraines.

    I hope you get some comfort soon Jojo, take care.

  • Hi Libbyde

    I am taking pregabalin at the minute but i am coming off them slowly as i was getting some side effects from it, i know that this may be a factor but i think i do need something else for the head aches. I could cope if it was just a dull pain but it goes right behind my eyes especially the right one and the pain is so intense. I did have opic neuritus about 10yrs ago had in march had another head mri scan which was all clear as they wanted to rule out MS. I feel really sick with them too and dont feel like eating much - which isnt like me as i love my food!!!!!

    i have taken down a note of the tablets you are on so i mention them to the doc.


    Jo xx

  • evening i went out for a meal alst nite for fellas b.d and anniversary anyway came home and had a massive headache.but dont drink.

    had a rough nights sleep and then woke up with a pain on side of head which lasted all day.

    i also had a seizure a bad one too.

    im back on my gabapentin despite me hating it.

    only just gone now.havent been able to use computer or handle anything.all ive odne is cry most of the day.so know how you all feel.

    got told i suffer with cluster headaches.

  • HI when i get bad headaches i use a heat pad on my neck and top of spine also i have found very bad i take diasipan, Have to ring Dr for them and he only gives me 10 at a time as they are addictive. Consultant told me that fibro can causr tension headaches. soft hugs and hope yours goes soon xx

  • I wonder if the awful weather we are having is making our headaches worse. I find if we are going to get a storm I get a really bad head.

  • My fibro in my neck and shoulders used to give me a migraine head ache 3 days out of 7 constantly ... My dr and the hospital have cured them I take dosulepin and clonezapam at night and have trigger point injections every 3 months one in my neck 4 in my shoulders and I havent had a migraine headache for. 9 months....the injections are slightly painful for a couple of hours it's one blessing that one of my symptoms of fibro is controlled.. I use a hot pack too round my neck... Hope you find a solution that works for you x

  • Hi All

    Thank you all so much for replying. I am back at the docs next week and i will mention them again!!!! and see if he can give me anything for them as i cant go on like this.


    Jo xx

  • I sometimes get the most awful sick headaches and pains in my neck which I guess are related to fibro.

    I tried taking paracetamol and Tramadol which usually sorts out my other pains, but it didn't touch it.

    I tried some tablets for tension headaches which I got from my chemist, and they do the trick every time, though they do knock me out a bit, and of course you can't take them with other medication.

    They're a proprietary product and not available on prescription, but my GP is happy for me to take them as long as I'm careful not to get hooked! I know I can't mention the name on here, but message me if you want to know.

    Love, Moffy x

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