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No More CONVENTIONAL DOCTORS or MEDICINE for MENO MORE PILLS FOR ME!!!!Been there done that for years NO MORE!!!!

I am going to HEAL MYSELF!!!!

Holistic, Homoeopathic & self healing is the way I am going to go.

Because of ALL the prescription medication the STUPID DOCTORS have put me on I now have a flipping SEVERE TOXIC OVERLOAD.


I have NO IDEA what they have done to my LIVER & KIDNEYS because of their STUPIDITY!!!!

I have so many ALLERGIC REACTION'S to ALL kinds of thing NOW.

I am PETRIFIED to EAT things & put any kind of LOTIONS with PLANT EXTRACTS on my BODY.

The doctors WONT BELIEVE ME because I do NOT have lumps, a rash or sneeze.

They ALL need to got back to BLINKING MEDICAL SCHOOL if you ask ME!!!!

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Hi Mat,

Sorry to hear of all the problems that you have encountered from your meds - it is a worry sometimes with the medications we take, while they may help one problem they create another :(

Good luck on the alternative treatment, I truly hope it works for you. It might be worth coming of your meds slowly to see how you react .

I have only recently gone onto meds at night (amtiptaline and tramadol) I don't want to take them long term but they are helping me to sleep through the night at the moment.

Best wishes and hugs x


Hi Mat

Along with the prescribed tablets i have been trying alternatives as well. I did use a chiropractor but with they way that my FM is effecting me at the minute i cant. I have tried remedial massage which didnt really help and i was going to need a lot before i felt any benefit and it was going to cost to much. I have had a couple of sessions of reflexology which i found very relaxing!!!!! Yes it cost a lot but i may go for one now once a month or once every couple of months, as although it didnt help with the pain it did help myself (if that makes sense!!!). The lady that was doing the reflexology has also just finished a course on Dorn Technique and she is going to try this on me and use me as a case study. i had made an appointment for end of month but due to the fact that it may make me feel a lot worse before i feel better i cancelled the appointment as i am supposed to be going back to work end of month and didnt want to put my body though to much all at once.

I have also tried reiki and spiritual healing.

Keep up to date with how you get on and what you try.

Take Care



Hi Jo, How did you find the REIKI healing,i loved it and felt so relaxed afterwards,im thinking of training for it as im into all things holistic meditation stretching exercises,but i can't use a heated pool which was also wonderful for me i had 12 sessions BRILLIANT but now not allowed anymore for a couple of years even tho my Dr has asked for me.


hi vectra, i liked the reiki although i have only had i session as a friend of mine is trained in it and she wanted to get back into it so she is using me!!!!! which is good for me as i dont need to pay for it and good for her so she can practise again. My friend also does the spiritual healing which she has done on me also and i liked it too. I havent tried the heated pool but ive heard its meant to be good too.


Ive never taken so many meds before, now Im on all osrts, but Imwary of hebal meds the last ones damaged my liver ,Im now on gaba duloxetine baclofen etc, but they re not working for me, so I can see a day where I stop all meds


Good luck Matt!

It is possible to "control" FM symptoms without any meds -- I made the decision to "treat" my FM by altering my life-style and now take no pain-killers -- I now work part-time, and every day try and achieve a "happy balance" of activities (eg walking the dog, yoga, swimming, baking, reflexology and gardening -- you may notice that these are relatively "stress-free" activities) and "pace" myself carefully. By carefully "planning" your activities for each day and sticking to a careful routine it is possible to keep your symptoms "at bay". You also have to learn to say "No" sometimes when friends and relatives are asking you to do things for them and expect too much from you (and this I found was one of the hardest things to do!) I get up very early in the morning and go to bed early and "sleep well". Still have to avoid alcohol though! At my lowest point I had a wheelchair and was awake all night with agonising abdominal pains -- and this has made me determined to "stick to" my new routine. Once again, hope you find the "happy balance" that works for you!


have you ever seen the programme the Incurables about people who had very serious illnesses who took control and are now cured so not incurable after all! I think it is on CBS reality.



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