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Hi All

I just had some friends round this morning and we had a lovely chat catching up on things and one of them also has FM. We went for a coffee just round from where i live and they left around 1ish...But god have i just gotten really tired and sore im sitting here tyoing this and i can feel my eyes closing!!!

Think i might have a little snooze before other half gets in!!!!

Cant believe how all of a sudden it has come on yes i was a bit sore before they came but i wasnt tired, it just seems to have really taken a lot out of me.

zzzzzzzzzz's are calling....

Take Care

Jo xx

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know what you meen there ,just wish my children would cook dinner while i have a nice nap ,hahaha lol ,dont think so :)


Its good that you had some nice time out first though. I am trying to arrange a get together with friends too at the moment but as it is always after work/end of day I never make it as always too tired after working all week. Feel really guilty sometimes as they do get a bit fed up with me. Still, they usualy let me off :)


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