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Wish me luck! seeing the Brain specialist Wed (neurophyscologist)

seeing this sort of person makes me feel i am cuckoo!! i have read on what is involved and it makes me wander what they look for lol

I did a sample cognitive test online and wow i only got 1 out of 5 right does this make me seriously have issues yet i feel i am ok in my head.. hard to explain i guess. Well guess i would not be seeing one for nothing but i do ask what does this person have connecting to what conditions we have. i am suffering inside !! and i am honestly soooo very tired of it all and just need some re assurance that my life span is not going to be lessend at 43 lol

I am worried i guess that i be so thick and not remember anything that i will be told i am not aloud to drive (even though i am absolutely fine) apart from struggling clutch and gears at times or should not be doing my work etc.. or i have some illness that will get worse! ohhh i need positive thinking :-/ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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just remember he is there to help you, not judge or catch you out!

hugs x


aww Thanks nadine !!

I work hard and i think its about re assurance and if i am eligible for help as i dont claim anything at all but because i sstill self employed and work i dont feel i deserve anything!! i am trying so hard to keep going what i do have!! i love too much to give up but i just ..ya know that word 'cant' i am slowing giving in !!! lol xxxxx thank yoooo for that.. i do feel i get judged though and thats not good. my severe days i laid up and just get depressed xxx


Hello Fairycazzie, I must admit I have never heard of a Neuropsychologist, so I looked into it. Apparently the Neuropsychological evaluation is a complex process that integrates information from a wide variety of sources in order to develop a clear picture of who the person is, how he or she is functioning and to determine what is interfering with the ability to function more effectively. That about sums up what to expect. Apparently it involves cognitive abilities, brain-behaviour relationships, social skills and personality functioning.

I am sure everything will be explained to you when you go to your appointment. It certainly doesn't mean that you need a Psychiatrist or that you've lost the plot. It's purely to assess how you think etc and how you function primarily. Your medical history will be discussed too and also your academic experience etc.

Wishing you the best of luck, please let us know how you get on with your appointment, take care. :) :)


i thought i was losing the plot as well, so my doctor sent me to the memory clinic. I had test and more tests and also had an MRI on my brain. They couldn't find anything wrong, the tests that i did were ok when we started but after 2 hours things started going wrong, so they have put it down to FM, stress and where i'm in so much pain. They gave me little pointers. Like take a writing pad to bed, and if you can;t sleep cos you feel you have to remember something then jog it down on the pad. try not to think too much when you are tired as that does not help either. I also have some forms to fill in to see a councillor which should help me with the stress.


Hi everyone and libbydee thanks for the research, you put that much better than i understood when i looked it up.

I think i feel still got no where, although i have another appointment in 2 wks ! He wanted sooner rather than later which was 6 wks.

Asked if i put a claim in?? I said i knew you would ask that because i have only been like i am since the operation i had in May 2010.

He tells me to steer clear of Disability ?!? But yet in conversations he asked is my husband my full time carer!

I told him am still driving but yet lots of things have bern taken away physicaly!!

How many ppl have Blue Badge and still wrk i can name a few!! Why should i not do it if it helps.

I am very sensitive today as still no diagnosis and that the chance of neurologist been wrong on his decision is about 1-2% if i were to develop MS 2 yrs down line.

Maybe i am thick lol

I just never pay much attention and get on with life. I have days iam in bed.

I have this mobility problem the Neurologist diagnosed me with and over my dead body i do not believe that has just decided to pop up out of blue after having all my life, if so then the operation has triggerd it.

I just want an answer. Apparently am lucky to still be as mobile as i am and to take as comes. ?!?! that scares me!!

I am 43 and sometimes my legs will just give on me.

My husband thinks its a goid idea to go to a 2nd appointment

Something to do with CBT eh? Everything went over my head.

I just wanted to know ... Will i recover!!!!

Ohhh thanks for reading i have to get MS out of my head!!!

My hubby is not really talking to me much about it and i dont really understand whats going to happen.

Dementia runs in my family and cancer but i am farrr tooo young for alzheimers. My memory is rubbish. Xxxxxxxxxxxxcxx


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