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Wish me luck!

today's the day. I go to the hospital for the infusion(IV). I have been at a level 9/10 all week, so today couldn't come fast enough. my hands are shaking because of the pain. it's some kind of pain medicine

slept like crap all week too. Lower back and hips have been on fire with the pain. i can't eat now, since 7. and cant drik after 11, only water for my meds I have to be at hospital by 11 even though procedure wont be till about 2!!!

i hpe this brings some relief. I'll tell you how it went

charlie xxx

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good look, hope all goes well, tell us how it goesxxx


Best wishes, ask all the questions you need to before you have it, and then you will have peace of mind, I know I did when I had it and it helped tremendously, take care and try not to worry, it really is not too bad, and it is good because you get to lay still in the bed and get a rest! I hope it works out for you, soft hugs xx


good luck and i really hope that you feel so much better later love diddle xxx


Good Luck! I hope everything works out well for you and you get the relief you so need.

Gentle hugs,


Carol xx


Good Luck, Hope it all goes well. xx


Thanks everyone,

when i stop being so mad, i'll tell you what happened at hospital (nothing) and why...

charlie xx :-(


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