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Does any body feel like the two sides of your body don't work together?

I am newly diagnosed with fibro. The weirdest thing happened today. I got very very confused and had trouble walking kind of like the two sides of my body weren't working together. My hands got very cold like I had put them in the freezer. I play the piano and I couldn't get my hands to work together and I was exhausted after 30 minutes of playing when I can usually play for about 2 hours. All the pain came back kind of like before I went on Lyrica and I had to rest for about 2 hours and am still dizzy and discombobulated.

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Hi Milynda

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are having this problem at the present time. It is very coincidental that you should ask this question as I keep saying to my wife that I appear to be typing faster with my left hand, than I do with my right hand these days!

I have been a professional author since 1986, and I have always been able to type over 90 - 100 words a minute which is a very fast speed. However, since about November last year I genuinely believe that my left hand does type faster than my right as I feel like I have slowed down somewhat? It leaves my words mispelt and I have amend everything.

As a matter of interest, my wife has Lyrica as she suffers from Primary Progressive MS and she is always complaining that she has slowed down with her typing and that she always feels unbalanced and uneasy since she has been on them. I do not know if it is the Lyrica or her MS that is causing this?

I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your issue

All my hopes and dreams for you.

Ken x


Thanks for your post Ken. I think I am typing faster with one hand than the other too. Each hand works separately but not together. Weird when I am playing piano as i really have to concentrate.


Yes I do it often feels like someone swapped my legs over so the right is left and left is right I also get it with my arms/hands but not as frequent.

Strange feeling and causes me no end of problems if trying to walk anywhere :o

After surgery last year in January I was left unable to walk it was like the communication had not failed just not there it was frightening and I thought the worse too knowing I had had an epidural. It took two weeks to get back on my feet but have endured this 'swapped over' sensation frequently since and cannot walk safely outside without sticks and someone there but only short distances or the power chair which I'm currently learning to drive :)

Cannot say if its a fibro thing though as I've always thought mine was due to the epidural I had, I can still feel where the needle went and it was a year ago :o

I will suggest you go and discuss this with your GP in case it's related to your meds or its a new thing that requires looking into further.

Discombobulated is a fantastic word by the way and sending you some fluffies infused with lavender to help soothe you back to normal

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Thanks for the reply. You are right it does feel swapped over. I sometimes turn the wrong way even tho I know which way to turn. That might be interesting if i was in a wheelchair as i might find out where some new shopping might be. Just might have difficulty getting home and i mean from the shopping.:)


Yes I feel for you I've had that problem for years. My OH and I would go together shopping but he had to carry it and then I couldn't manage to go at all as I'd be in pain very quickly :(

I started to get groceries delivered instead but have recently decided the company is not as good as they'd like to boast they are and also don't reward loyal custom!!

............ so am now glad I have the power chair because we can go shopping like we used to :) :) :)

Are you in receipt of higher rate mobility component?


Hi milynda av had the same thing happen to me aswel a felt like my legs we're like jelly as tho they wer shakeing and felt like a wasn't walking right and kinda had a strange feeling all over ..x


I have had this for years, on and off. When the pain and aches started I had an incident when walking home where my feet just would not do what I was telling them too. I put that down to my mental health problems and medication at the time but now it is still happening, and getting worse I think it could be fibro.

It then got worse as the pain and other issues got worse, but always my legs, never my arms. Then when I damaged my rotator cuff (which is still iffy) my arms started doing it too, I thought it might be my left arm taking over what the right arm would normally do.

I often find as well that it feels like my head, and my body are not connected, it is a very strange thing to explain. But I think that is related to Gabapentin.

When typing my right arm does most of the work as my left hand goes too slow. Which is a pain in the bottom as my rotator cuff is still bad as nobody is keen on resolving the issue so my right hand/arm doing everything quicker means that the pain gets worse.

It is so irritating not having full control of my body, or my mind for that matter.


I agree with this. I am on lyrica and wondered how much is lyrica and how much is fibro.


I have just been told to increase my gabapentin from 3 tablets a day to 6, and i have just finished the first increase. It made me lose touch with reality, I was nodding, shaking, dizzy, kept losing time, it was really weird and horrible. I couldn't go anywhere because I was so unsteady on my feet. I hope the next increase goes a bit better. I have started the next increase today. I am already struggling to co-ordinate my hands.

Maybe the fibro makes you a little off and un-coordinated then the medication exaggerates those little movements.


I agree with you. I am not sure which is worse. The pain or the side effects.


Yeah I agree. If I only had this one illness then I could deal better, but having several physical illness' and mental health issues, it is a never ending cycle of c**p. I wish I could just jack it all in, this is just too exhausting, and I can't see things getting better.


I fell a bit like that lately, the typing and texting speed thing where one hand is working faster than the other, and also tripping over my own feet because on foot doesn't seem to move as quick as the other.

Since being diagnosed last May and started on Lyrica and since then other meds added I don't know at this stage what is fibro and what are side effects from the meds...


My goodness I never thought it might be medical I used to type 180words per min now no chance because I have to keep going back as I miss letters with my left hand, I thought it was jut a spelling problem but now I realize it is probably a motor nuron problem and the fact my fingers dont work well because of arthritis. That could be because of being a florist for years. I learnt the piano for two years to encourage the finger to move but I canot sit long enough at the piano to play any more.!

So I find myself like you Ken going back over every thing checking it is annoying I usually blame my laptop! :D



That is an impressive typing speed! I can still actually type at my top speed but every third word would be spelt wrong.

I have never thought of it as being a motor neuron problem but you are completely right, it is!

Hope you are feeling as well as can be today?

Ken xx


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