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Morning is bright?

I always used to thinks morning was the best time of day but now rather like the weather it is grim. Today the weather is blanket grey again from side to side can not see any sun - still i is rather early. This am my hands are like large puffy things - they have pins an needles (I forgot the splints last night) I have done the exercises but they still hurt Hoping the more I write the easier they will get! They will get easier!! I try every day to have a plan a list a way to get through the day and achieve something I get racked off when I do not manage anything so the List makes a difference. One thing I always write down is HOPE it is so important to keep believing in our selves and to try helping others n what ever little way we can. That sounds like a busy day what does anyone else try?

Have a good day x gins

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morning gins

i try to find one thing in the day to make me smile and that may even be the clouds i see from my bedroom window

soft hugs xxx



Hi Penny

I too love the clouds those glorious puffy white one that skid across the sky xgins


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