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I decided i did not need the smallest shed in my garden itis 12 years old had new roof last year and i have got 2 large sheds so wanted to dump it i called couple people in local paper but they want me to pay them so i put it on gumtree this moening for a tenna and buyer picks uop and dismantles well i have had 6 people ask about it a man is coming at lunch time to get it so bonus he is taking my rubbish and giving me a tenna so drinks are on me lkol except i dont drink and it would prob only buy 2x pints now ha ha but what a bonus so they do say one mans rubbish is another mans treasure so i suggest you all go have a rummage about and see what you can find and it is free to list on gumtree too and you pay no fees so off you all go and make a fortune love diddle xxxx

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lol ,i had that a little while agotrying to get rid of my big range oven ,i phoned lots of people up and they were going to charge me ,cheeky beggers ,so i finally found a little man on his own who paid us a little and came and picked it up ,he was very gratful for it and i exspact he got a pretty penny for it but i didnt mind im just glad i let him have it and not a big company who would have charged me .


Hi Diddle thanks for a great idea!!

Hugs x x x


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