Not so good morning

Good morning all i have such bad pains in my back and feeling really sh*t in general. anybody who can try to cheer me up would be good, you know when you have days where you just feel sorry for yourself? Today seems to be this day for me 😕

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  • Morning Beauts ♥️

    So sorry that you are feeling rubbish today I know how horrible that is! Yep, I have why me days whenever the pain is really bad! Are you snuggled up in bed? Do you have something can can keep you busy? ♥️🌻

  • Aw sorry you’re feeling crappy, we all have those days when we feel sorry for ourselves. I do try and make an effort to keep my chin up, otherwise I would be just looking at my own boobs all day! However when I am feeling blue I like silly jokes so here’s a few that make me chuckle, I hope they do same for you but apologies if they make you groan even more:

    •I went back to this bloke’s flat and he had an eight foot high light switch. I thought, that's a huge turn off!

    •Patient: Doctor, I can't pronounce my F's, T's and H's.

    Doctor: Well you can't say fairer than that then.

    •I asked my French cousin if he played video games. He said Wii.

    I would like to think they have made you smile a little or at least distracted you for a few minutes. I hope your pain eases and your mood lifts soon. Take care my lovely xxx

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Thats a good rib tickler Ramjets you,ll start the sunday quips off now I hope.

  • Don't encourage me Caz, I have so many more just as bad if not worse lol x

  • Hi Ramjets oh dear those r awful jokes but I did chuckle

    I am just trying to relax have taken some anti inflammatory pills so hoping that will help

  • I know they are awful but I like them as I have a stupid sense of humour, glad they made you chuckle though so mission accomplished!

    Don't take it personally about the swearing wrist slap. Like all reputable forums there are rules about this so the admin do have to enforce them. I understand though when in pain, frustrated or angry sometimes only a profanity will do but just make sure you substitute a few letters with the asterisks. Or if you really need to let loose I'm happy to be a swearing sounding board so just pm me! xxx

  • I shall have 2 find some jokes to compete with your ones Ramjets not sure they could be any worse than yours on a laughability rolling eyes scale though

    I didn't not even realise some1 was on here watching but good we can use *** that's often a good Medium I guess

  • I look forward to reading them the more eye rolling the better! lol x

  • Some jokes are just truly terrible let's face it ...

  • I know they are but sometimes a joke can be so bad it's good. But maybe I'm just weird lol x

  • Not weird my dear adding some humour on a dark day is a gift

  • Thanks love. I think you have to try and keep your sense of humour otherwise you get swallowed up in a big black hole! Hope you're feeling a little better. xxx

  • I have been down that black hole currently trying to climb back up long journey. I admire you. I had a lie down earlier now on with the chores sadly

  • You'll do it hun, just keep looking up. Hope your nap did you some good but if you are still in pain can the chores not wait? x

  • I have to my chores despite being in pain I work so have little time during the week and I am shattered then so best 2 get them done at the wkends

  • I understand, hope they don't take too much of a toll on you. Take care of yourself lovely. xxx

  • you too Ramjets and I shall get those jokes sometime oh god run now

  • How is every 1 today?

    oh I have to ask someone Daisym lady messaged me telling me off for swearing 😬...really? yes really

    Not going to do much for my heightened anxiety

    Anybody else have anxiety also?

  • sometimes the pain we put up with would make a parson swear eightball8 , seriously are you sure its fibro pain and not something else? if you can take yourself to out of hours and dont assume its fibro- so many have made the same mistake, take some urine with you if you go it might be a waterworks infection???

  • Yeah I thought that with pain around my kidney area but it doesn't sting when I pee and well I drink so much water I would probably drown.

    The pain does make you want to curse so bad

  • Hi eightball8

    Often any of the admin may feel a reminder of the rules is necessary especially to newbies with our community. I would appreciate it if you could please take time to familarise yourself to the FMA UK HU Guidelines to avoid any further private messages to remind you about the rules of the community.

    Many Thanks

    Emma :)

  • you have sent me more links so I guess a reading session is in order

  • Mdaisy is an admin volunteer on here pointing out the rules. The same rules that are pointed out in the welcome message that every new member receives. I.e.

    "Please review our Rules: (e.g. Swearing is not permitted)"

    It's the same for everyone on this forum.

  • As said to Daisym I signed up posted then went offline I didn't read any of the welcome msgs I got from the forums I joined

  • The welcome message is the first thing you receive. Before you post sage when you join any community on Hu. As per the rules swearing is not permitted

  • I didn't see them until I came back on line apologise for that I wasn't seemingly paying attention

  • Sending a ((((hug)))) it's not much use but least you know someone feels for you an understand s x

  • Thank you it's so hard isn't it hence why I swore but got attacked for that too can't win

  • Sometimes you just can't help but swear !! X

  • Exactly!! Glad we Re on the same page

  • I say blidy is that swearing ??

  • Probably not but would be if you erased the I and put oo in the middle then yes you would get a telling off like me #naughtynaughty

  • Lol :0) I'm so naughty

  • Yeah you are tut tut tut 😬😬😬

  • :0) I just swear away whilst talking to myself lol its helps me when I'm upset an frustrated I won't be nayghty anymore :0)

  • and it's perfectly ok in real life to vent just not allowed on here very odd I thoughts we are adults

  • I get you can't F and blind away it would offend some people but s*"* I sent bad surely

  • I do agree totally i think its very pedantic

  • I agree :0)

  • your entitled to have your own opinion but the rules are here for everyone. Not everyone on here is an adult either and some of those that are adults don't like any swearwords.

    therefore its like BBC 1 before the watershed. And if that is too difficult to abide by there are plenty of other forums/communities with more relaxed rules about this sort of thing.

  • I thought you had to be over 18 to join this site which is why I thought adults only

    are you advising me to leave the forum just because I have an opinion like others do too?

  • With the watershed you can swear after 21:00

  • that's why i sad before the watershed

    I did not suggest you leave but if you stay then you need to follow the sites rules. As to age, i guess you have not read HU rules either.......

  • No I haven't read the 35 links I have been sent yet - I haven't been well for most of today and trying to do things in between

  • Sorry to hear that your not feeling well. Age info is displayed when you sign up and the one link that you NEED to read is the rules that you have been pointed to. Not sure what 35 links your referring to but if you start with the rules rather than arguing about whether they are right or not then we will probably be able to move on from this.

  • I guess we all don't feel well it's why we are here

    I think perhaps the 35 links is a little exaggerated but Daisym sent me lots twice in PM and then also again on public feed

    Oh I ain't arguing at all just generally discussing sorry if you thought I was arguing not at all no

  • Healing hugs Eightball x

  • Thank you

  • I had a really rough day yday and and a very rough nite last nite. Absolutely shattered today and I need to go out shortly. X

  • Hope you have a better day today. My weekend wasn't good and now for a week of work stress! Lovely!

  • Thanks and same to u xx

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