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Great weekend but bad week now

Had a great weekend when I ran a fun dog show on my local park - it was a success and the sun shone and everyone who came seems to have enjoyed it as well - but boy am I suffering now. I feel so tired and everything hurts - its one of those weeks when I just struggle every day with everything I do.

It did have to be the week I actually had paid work to do didn't it.

Plus now I've discovered that my upcoming knee op isn't going to be the simple arthroscopy I was originally led to believe - 3 days in hospital and 4 weeks on crutches - dreading the pain element more. Mind you my knee hurts more this week after consultant pulled it about and poked it around to see which bits hurt when I saw him on tuesday.

Ho hum - oh I do love FM - NOT!

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aww sorry to hear you've suffered as a consequence of your fun time out. Hope you've got thru the week ok x

I'm not long back from physio and instead of acupuncture, this time she did pressure point massage, so am very sore just now. Hopefully no migraine tonight....the last session resulted in exactly that. Grim :-(


that's the problem I find is that some treatments hurt more than the FM afterwards


Frankiebee, I feel for you I really I really do I undertook the same 2 years ago

Good Luck

Hugs, Sue xxxx


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