Update phoned appeal to complain about dr lies

Hi peeps phoned appeal service and told them I want to make a complaint about the dr that came to the house she said what seems to be wrong I said he has filled the form full of lies so I told her a few of the errors he had made including the one where I bent over and nearly touched my toes (apart from fibro I have spondilosis with exrays to prove ) I have to write two letters one to complaints dept he is not going to get away with calling me a lire when he is the lire..... Paul

Please forgive me for any spelling mistakes my children got me an iPad it puts most the words correct but these days I seem to spell words as I see them

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  • hi nunkster, i'm glad you made the phone call, why the hell should some moron who has only met you for barely a hour ,have the right to make you out to be a liar, get those letters wrote(and if i were you i would photo copy them so you have a record of them, also while it is fresh in your mind i would write down the time and date and the name of the person you spoke with yesterday, in case you need to refer back to it) write the date down of when you actually post these letters also, and good luck i hope you get a apology xxxsoft hugsxxx

  • glad to hear you're pursuing your complaint. let us know how it goes x

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