What to take????

Going to visit my Dad today in Grimsby, which is 180 mile round trip. He is in a Home so I will go and have lunch with him and then go to his bungalow for a sleep, thats the only way I can get back home safely.

The problem is what do I tale?

1. The Car

2. Canoe

3. Rubber dinghy

4. An Ark (to collect all the pooranimals and waifs and strays)

Obviously I won't be here to read your comments, but will log on later after I have got back and had a rest.

Have a good day everyone!!!!


Sue x x x x

4 Replies

  • wet suit and a snorkel might be handy and sunblock just in case . hope you enjoy your visit x

  • Floozy thats a good idea!!!! I took the car and drove slowly as did everyone else, it was good to see my Dad, although he has lost a lot of weight, due to his illness.

    Its always lovely to spend time with him.


    Sue x x

  • im so envious right now. i come from grimsby originally but moved down south. my dad is buried at st peter and st pauls at healing. ive only ever been able to go to the grave 3 times. i would kill to have him nearer!

    hope you had a wonderful day and you got hugs

    with love


  • Hello Westgate, fancy you coming from Grimsby originally. is your Husband from there too?

    What school did you go to.......?????

    The weather was dreadful, but everyone was driving sensibly apart from a few who didn't have their lights on (idiots).

    It was lovely to see Dad his face lit up when he saw me, bless him.

    Love Sue x x x

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