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I am meeting up with my bestest friend today we havent had a catch up for few weeks we twxt all the time but nothing like a good old face to face catch up and put all the worlds to right we start talkining as soon as i get there and we dont stop lol from A to Z you can guarantee we talk about it the usual stuff girls you knoww hat i mean ????? (sorry any blokes ) but you know how it is with your bloke mates lol

We have known each other about 33 years she knows more about me than i do we have been through alot together and my other friend too we call ourselves the eternal triangle lol there used to be 4 of us but oiur good friend died aged 37 from m.s 10 years ago which was heartbreaking for us all but we are stil;l a strong force to be reckoned with !!!

wedont drink we just have coffee/juice and away we go we hardly have a chance to let the cup touch our lips we have so much to say lol

there is nothing like having very good froiends the sort you xcan call at anytime and they will be there for you

i am truely blessed with a very good family and friends and that includes all my fibro friends on here

love to you all diddle xxxx

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Yes Diddle we all have aquantancies but its Friends who you can totally be yourself with that are the salt of the earth,


Sue x x x


It must be the day for catching up with good friends, I too am going to see my good friend for a good old natter today, I haven't known her for as long as you have known your friend, but, her whole family make me feel so welcome and it feels as though I have always known her. It also helps that her son went to nursery with my youngest so they get to have a play too. As it's a teacher training day for my boys today it gives me the perfect opportunity to have a natter while they have a play.

Have fun with your friend, they really do help get through the pain filled days!!!

Hugs :-)


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