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I think there is something wrong with that title isnt there / shouldnt it read july = sandals +suntop + sunhat !!!!???????

oh well we are all sort of getting used to this weatyher now so i suppose we will just have to wait andd see what happens in the school holidays perhaps it will be snow lol

love to you all diddle x

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Maybe we are going to have an Indian Summer, who remembers those.....................????

September, October and sometimes through to November, well a girl can dream!!!!!


Sue x x x


Hi just keep everything crssed plz for 3rd August to be dry as my Daughter gets married

Hugs karen xx


we'll all be hoping your daughter gets a lovely day for her wedding, i'm sure, my daughter got married in May 2010, and we were terrified the weather was going to be bad, we had downpours all week, then lo and behold got up the morning of the wedding 22nd, and the sun was shining out of the heavens, it was hotter here than abroad. everyone had an amazing day, and im sure you all will too, whatever the weather, fingers crossed for her.x soft hugs to you all



Full length wax coat and wellies here in Lincolnshire...

Diddle, could well be perma frost next week lol, sick of this wretched weather, roll on summer!!

Soulsusie, oooohhh yes i remember the good old Indian summer, warm balmy evenings where you can actually be sitting out in the garden till late.

Can't honestly remember the last time we had one...hope spring eternal though...year in, year out lol.

Kaz, wishing you a wonderful day for your daughters wedding, you must be sooo excited.

Just going to start the jet ski for a trip to town.

Keep dry and warm

Jan H xx


I went out this m orning with Basil on our morning constitutional! I was dressed in red wellies, full length waterproof coat, scarf round my neck. Poor Basil looked like a drowned rat. But he so loves walkies in the park.


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