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I think it is lovely whrn you can actually sit in the garden and eat your tea thats what i done tonight well if you can call a yogurt and 4 biscuits a tea then just sat there reading and listening to the life of other people going on around me i can count on one hand how many times i have dne that this year .

In fact it was sooo hot i had to actually move my chair into the shade . then i went and had a lovely soak in the bath and now feel all refreshed

love to you diddle xxxxxx

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i havnt done that for a long time ,i used to love doing that just realaxing in the garden having my tea ,makes me wish i could right now lol xxx


when my kids were young we all virtually lived outside , i even put a tent up in the garden over summer and we had so many adventures out there around a lovely fire .Even now i try to sit out as much as i can . Breakfast outside listening to the birds is so relaxing . x


Lucy you. Every time I so much as get my chair and sun shade out the heavens open. I was talking to a work college today. I am QUITE sure when I was little, we would plan a picnic for say next Thursday and lo and behold, we would be able to qurentee that we could be sure on going for that picnic on that day and it would be fine and sunny. I can hear the rain absolutely 'hissing' down now as I write this. Where is SUMMER? Aught we contact the FBI or something? No, really this has now got beyond a joke and I know some people are suffering serious flooding. Best wishes to all. Sue.


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