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I had my friend round yesterday we aint seen each other for about a month and she popped in for quick chat about 2.30 and about an hour after that my daughter and grandson came so that was a nice surprise and they stayed with us for a while we ended up having tea in the garden and i bathed them and they went home about 7pm so that certainly made my day and cheered me up bless them /

love diddle x

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Hi Diddle

it is always nice having surprises from freinds & family. I think it dosent stress you out as you don'nt have time to footer about before they arrive.

Hope you are havinh a good day, luv n gentle hugs ....i can almost feel your smile up in scotland, take care....mary xxx.


Its good to have surprise visitors and enjoy the visit. I expect your grandson love having you make his tea and giving him a bath.

Hope you get to see them again soon. :)


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