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Rheumo or Neuro?

Since discussing with my gp that I felt I developed cfs separately to my fm he has referred me to a neuropsychiatrist. Cfs and Fm are so close and yet the specialists are miles apart! Apparently the clinic I am going to comes under people who have mental health issues due to brain damage, but I don't have any mental health issues luckily. I am hoping I will get a sleep study done though and maybe a brain scan. I do worry that they might have missed something serious. Anyways, my question is - Who have you seen? x

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Rheumies always for me. My experience is that many neuros do not realise Fibro is their kind of thing, so often they won't see Fibro patients. But the treatments and tests needed are in the neuro's area of expertise, whereas rheumies have to step outside their comfort zone to deal with Fibro as the treatments are different to those used by them normally.


Neuro for me every time.

Rheumatology by definition deals with inflammatory conditions and it has been clearly accepted by those members of the medical profession that have studied them, that neither FMS nor CFS are. We are only referred to them as historically, FMS was thought to be inflammatory. As soon as mine diagnosed my Fibro he passed care of it over to my GP and I haven't had been sent an appointment to see him since. That's 4 years and I still have 2 types of Arthritis!

It is well established now, I think, that they both along with ME have their root causes in the brain, so it makes sense that as the Neurologists have greater expertise, we should see them. Perhaps I'm lucky that I haven't had any problem with mine.

However, all the Pain Consultants I have seen have been Anaesthetists and they really are on the ball when it comes to medication for pain relief.

happy hugs, kate :)


Neuro definitely for me, though took me a while to get my referral from the GP! think it's quite widely accepted that FMS is not a rheum condition now and is a brain/nerve problem. My neurologist recently referred me to have nerve conduction tests but please be warned I found them SUPER painful! These tests should come with a MAJOR health warning for fibro sufferers.


Definitely a Rheumatologist for me! Since I was referred to my Rheumatologist I received my diagnosis, treatment that actually helps and relieves my symptoms and my pain etc. I also had a referral to a CFS Clinic through my Rheumy which helped no end in teaching me to pace etc. I am very fortunate as I have a brilliant GP and a great Rheumy, I know it's not that easy for many people. Sometimes a second opinion can make all the difference too, if you aren't happy with the advice and help you are offered it is possible to change Consultants etc. I did and never looked back. My first Consultant didn't recognise that Fibromyalgia even existed which was very frustrating. I set about being "released" from my first Consultant and then had to be "accepted as a new patient" with my current Consultant Rheumatologist. Hope this info helps anyone who isn't satisfied with what they are being told etc. Persevere I guess is the secret. There is help and support out there! :) :)


Hi I have been seen by both Rheumatologist and Neurologist, so I guess its down to you and your GP.


Sue x x x


same here I see both


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