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Every Tue evening my wonderful parents call me up and ask what shopping i would like and then deliver it to me on wed morning bless them how kind is that of them and they pay for it too so bless there hearts i dont know where i would be if it were not for them and my wonderful sister too she does so much for me and makes sure that i am ok

i do know i am very lucky especially when i come on here and read some of the waful stories

love diddle xxxx

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Morning Diddle :-)

I love reading your blogs and I agree, you are very blesses to have a family that looks out for your well being.

I have just read about yours and your daughter's shopping sagas of yesterday and was delighted to hear that on both instances you called the shop manager. Too many people are prepared to let things go just to keep the peace but I agree, this is not the time for shoddy workmanship and bad work ethic. You did make me chuckle though heh-heh!

Hope you have a great day.

Mel xxx


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