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I know i have not got amy plans today only to habve coffee with my friend ay 4 pm BUT it is still nice to sit on my bed with the sun streaming through the window keeping me warm !!!!! but no out i go again in the rain to walk the dog and come back likea drowned rat lol

oh well never mind at this rate we will be eating our christmas dinner in the garden lol

hope you all got sunshine or at least it is dry !!!1 love diddle xxxx

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Morning diddle how do you do it your like superwoman lol.

Ill take your dog for walk along with my cat.

O love walking in rain.

But want some sun sick of it now.stay in touch lovng your blogs.xx


just a thought diddle lol can picture the oylmpics being washed out with a flood of requests after for refunds not good.huggies petal


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