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Yesterday (Monday) I was lucky enough to watch my friend Fiona carry the Olympic Torch through Rugby. She was running to raise awareness of mental health stigma and I think up to a point most if not all of us have come across people who just don't understand what mental health entails.

It was a very joyful and emotional time and even though I won't be watching the Olympics I am very proud that I was there at such an momentous occasion in the history of this country.

We all went back to Fi's house to stuff our faces and later on have our pic's taken with Fi and the torch, what a laugh, it was like being photographed by the paparazzi as everyone wanted the pics on their cameras too.

So I had a brilliant day, I am however paying for it today, am in absolute agony and on top of that can't sleep but it was so worth it. ;-)

Gentle angel hugs to all of you xxxx

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Hugs back wow how amazing ws tht.

Ivw suffered with depression etc over the years im not ashamed.

When your sick you see a doc when your brains ill you get help.

I did and had a brilliant counsellor.

I let go of my past.and had regressive therapy where you go back in your mind to a dark place.

Best thing i ever happier and no shame .

Mental health shouldnt be stigmatized.

Im proud.x


Hi Sammy, where did you go for your regression therapy??


wow how nice that your friend done that what an honor i am not bothered about the olympics (thats jus me sorry if i have upset anyone but i really dont like it ) but it is still nice that you saw your friend doing that something very special for her and for a good cause too love diddle x


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