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Missing my fibro family!

Hey everyone!

How is the week treating you so far? I haven't had much time to blog despite having so much to tell you all.

I'm so much happier being on this site so we can all talk and support each other so thanks again.

In brief I had a really tough week and still am struggling but as my day goes on I'm still working my way through.

So I went to see this incredible osteopath yesterday and he really made me feel warm inside. He's so considerate and caring of our conditions and health which makes such a change after the ignorance from other health care professionals.

He told me he can't cure fibro but will help me deal with it better. Instead of a quick appointment like most he spent TWO hours on me! He gave me this incredible (but very weird) massage! Where I felt so much lighter instantly. He said he doesn't care how long he takes with patients or how long people have to wait for because he likes taking extra care and helping as much as he can.

He gave me some great tips on easing back pains. Wear a lumbar support belt whenever having to sit or pick things up to help support the spine. The other exercises were tailored so if you want to, you should go and see him. He works independently all day helping patients despite being almost fully blind. Incredible man.

I launched my own food company last weekend helping sufferers maintain a tasty but incredibly helpful diet so this has been a great venture.

And finally I'm in talks with people to release as much media on fibro as possible! So despite the pain things seem to be doing quite well!

On the down side I'm having relationship problems which is making me a little sad because he just doesn't understand how to support me. I want to scream and shout and for the person to be able to help and understand but I'm hitting a brick wall with him :(

Oh well I can't have it all hey.

Apart from my life, how are you all?

Love always


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Hi sim firstly im so glad that all this is doing well but dont spread yourself too thin.

Ywah im new on here and cant believe how great people are.

It seems you cant have it all like we want.

Im in a great relationship with.a guy who has c.f.s and were madly in love.

Yet we have money worries etc.

I believe things happen for a reason.

Hw may not be the,one.

Sad as it is .

You need love and compassion.

So put yourself first.i could be wrong.x


Yeah I know what you mean. Maybe he isn't and that's because he has never suffered from any illnesses nor has anyone close to him and I'm glad of that fact but at the same time it just means he can't even begin to understand the complexity. I don't mind putting a brave face on for the world but I need my days to just scream and cry and to be held throughout it but instead he gets annoyed as he's in another country he can't physically hold me it surely it's not so difficult to just communicate and be supportive. I don't know


hi lv,dont no you but im sooooooooo proud of you.the doc seems lovey and hopefully he`ll be as kind to others as he was too and as for partner he will never no how to help you fully lv cos Mr fibro is with you not him and as painfull it is for you it is not easy for him.maybe its a lot easier for him to put up a barrier to your cries for support then that way he dosnt feel your pain....its your fibro he trys to avoid..NOT YOU LV,lots of lv and goodluck with your food Co and i hope the talks your having leads to a lot of media coverage for FM...YOU GO GIRL XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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