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A good day!!

Hi there,

Had a good day today, I went to see my gp for the first time since I saw the Rheumatologist for my diagnosis! She was pleased that the meds have started to help me already. She's just waiting for the letter to arrive giving details of quantities and further details to update my prescription and a referral to physio!

I feel much better that things are moving in the right direction - onwards and upwards :)) x

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I'm pleased for you, my appointments on the 13th (Friday the 13th!!)


Thanks, good luck on the 13th (lucky for some) :)) you'll be fine x


dont be superstitious on the 13th it can also be good! its just a day like others, as to the diagnosis and meds above well done getting this and with the meds working :)

I first became ill when I was 16 and was not given a name for my condition until mid 20s can you believe and since changing doctors he just says it is what you tell me I dont know, anyway Im going to my doctor to get referred again to a rheumatologist for a proper diagnosis as another consultant on passing when I was doing trials for FMS told me I also had hypermobility syndrome and at 44 really do need to get the proper diagnosis as to what exactly I have is it multiple syndromes or what? and are the meds I am the right ones I have lived in pain and discomfort for nearly 30 yrs and its been intolerable at times and I had to work full time in admin for so long before I did manage to get a part time position as I was concsious of mortgage debt and just popped tablets I really dont know how I got thru, I worked, I slept etc no quality of life. I have got worse and recently applied for DLA after going part time and now I took VR and was advised to apply for DLA and of course filled it in myself and was refused and told to appeal it but I didnt and lost the reference;..... nurse told me to reapply. I hurt am stiff, find life a struggle and I know they are tightening down on benefits but a little would help with day to day living for help with massage treatment even, accupuncture, etc.... I find cooking difficult and exhausting and my husband does the main cooking. x hugs

aany views welcome woken up tired tiiiiiiiiired


Hi mel,

It's shocking to hear you have waited all this time without a definate diagnosis :( I agree that you should go to your gp and ask for a referral so that you can find out whether you have fibro and other conditions. Until you do, there's no way your meds can be controlled to work effectively for your needs.

This all needs to be sorted for when you reapply for your benefits - good luck :)

I don't get any benefits either, I filled a form in but think they are only paying my stamp!

Like you, if I'm having a bad day then my husband cooks dinner which I feel very guilty about because he's at work all day.

Angel hugs x


yes I was allegedly diagnosed in my mid 20s following blood tests when they told me I had rheumatoid arthritis at first and then came back and said oh no its not that it was a mistake Ive got fibromyalgia this was at Walton Pain Hospital - when I moved and changed doctors my new GP of 5 yrs has never bothered to send me for another diagnosis and just says it is what you tell me you have! bit rude, cheeky and more word for it pfffff!!!! he cd check I had fms by doing the trigger point tests if he did not believe me as I have all of them! but I will get a referral to see a rheumatologist and get a diagnosis documented! as advised by my nurse xx hugs back - makes you wonder what we are paying our GPS for!?


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