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JUST LOVE 4 A.M START !!!!!!!!

Bed at 11 pm after reading most of the evening as football on and partner stayed at home to watch it so me my kindle and the dog had evening to ourselves woke up after light sleep at 1,34 am and 3.22 am only to toss and turn for half an hour and trying to get comfy then up i got at 3.55 am came down let the dog out got a wash on had cuppa and now going to take dog up the road for a walk !!!!!!!!

hope you all had a better night love diddle xxxxxx

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I dont know how you do it Diddle you will have to give your body clock a severe talking to I am upset at wakening at 7.30 as its now the holidays in Scotland and think I have missed a long lie in bed lol at least your wee doggie has company I find that if I have a good nights sleep I dont feel so sore and feel like I am draging my body around I take 20 mgs of Amitryptiline at night and that helps me I know it doesnt suit everyone though. I will keep my fingers crossed that you will get a restfull sleep at some point Hugs to you Sparkie x


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