yesterday I had a call from my daughters school she d hurt her hand ice skating, so I had to walk and pick her up, its only a few minutes away but it took me 1/2 hr to walk there. I knew my mobilty was getting bad but I didnt know how bad. Im I going to end up not being able to walk at all. Walking was my life. Im know Im going to find it so hard to deal with

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  • oh lally ,i can sort of understand where your coming from ,i used to walk atleast 8 miles a day ,on thursday i had to walk to the bus stop after dropping my car off at the garage ,its not too far and thought i could do it ,the end result was me being crippled and not being able to get my little boy to school :( ,

    ive never felt so guilty ,this illness robs us of so many things dosnt it ,

    sending you lots of love and gentle hugs :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • its so hard to deel with I felt like screaming last night 1 with frustration and 2 with the pain, my legs felt like someone had thrown acid on them

  • i went to bed at 8pm and layed there and like you my legs were so painful

    at one point i felt like someone was sitting on them ,obviously no one was lol ,i just leyed there feeling like you frustrated and so fed up ,

    its horrible isnt it i feel very down today :(

  • Hi lally

    Me too, walking was the one thing i did so often, i dont drive, cant afford taxis and have panic attacks on buses so i loved the walk, whether it be rain or shine.

    But i have to realise i cant anymore. Yesterday with the aid of painkillers i felt well enough to walk to our little town usually a 20 min walk but took me an hour there and same back. Was in agony last night but enjoyed being able to make it.

    Today i just went to the local shop, did some shopping and now i think it was way too much as my legs are on fire and so weak, and my back pain is horrendous.

    Its not just losing out on a social life its losing out on the things that helped me even when i was down.

    I think thats why i have put so much weight on and so unfit now but this just makes my depression worse.

    Im sorry it is happening to you as well..

    Gentle hugs xx

  • Hi Lally I am so sorry for you that walking is getting more difficult for you-these things take alot of coming to terms with.

    I am struggling with accepting my life at the moment-until may last year I worked fulltime as a nursery nurse in a childrens centre in inner city Hull I have done the job for over 20 years and I loved it so much. I miss the children dreadfully and also my friends and workmates. Now I am in constant pain have very limited mobility and suffer from fatigue.

    I suppose in time we will move on but the journey is rough.

    Take good care of yourself

    Sue xx

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