A furry slipper moment

A furry slipper moment

To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.


If not furry slippers wot am I suppose to be clutching to my chest then in an effort to remember. At this point I am getting into the car. Not a lot of hope really is there!

Oh yea my bright yellow workman jacket that man with a tidy mind is fed up of throwing at me of a morning for me to take to work.

Mr Buddha is definitely on to something I reckon. I long for a clear mind. But tis terrible hard to concentrate through the fog. And the body beautiful is just not playing the game try as I might.

Well I am blaming that and not looking for anything more sinister anyway.

When does question the on going forgetfulness I wonder?

when I have forgotten where I put the gin bottle I reckon.

Got to get the priorities right.

Life is about how well you bounce after all not about how much you remember ok.

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  • And we all know while our bounce isn't as bouncy we usually do bounce back a bit after life has thrown yet another spanner into the workings of life.


  • Thankyou for that, bouncing high today through the fm not aiming for the stars, just more bouncing

    Many blessings x

  • Apparently bouncing is good for depression but it is prone to unruly behaviour.

    Have fun.

  • Your bounce score is excellent 9/10 what more could you want!! Boing Buddha Boing !!!

  • My bounce has boinged off at the moment, Fibro, a virus and now my back giving out is more than any bounce could stand.

    If you see it send it back please.

    Hugs sue xx

  • Am on the look out for your missing bounce.

    Hurling you a virtual fluffie and wishing your virus bounces off forthwith.

    Pain is always on the look out for a lowering of defences so it can dig in no wonder your bounce boing off.


  • Thanks nedd, unusually I find that I am fighting off the tears and cant wait to get back to my normal.

    Hugs sue xx

  • Oh dear! I have not been bouncing very well just recently? Hope things pick up soon my friend.

    Take care


  • The wonderful thing about Tigger

    Is tigger's a wonderful thing

    His head is made out of rubber

    His bottom is made out of spring . . .

    Remind you of anyone? :P :P

  • Ha! Ha!

  • I had to work hard to get that one.

    As I stopped watching it last century.


  • My sympathy :P

  • My sympathy :P

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