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Hi im a 46 year old woman who untill 3 months ago thought she was an independant person looking forward to getting married. then i was struck down with what the doctor now thinks is this awful thing called fibro that feels like it has taken over my whole body. i have no energy and feel like my body aches all over. It seams like i thave good days and bad. somedays i cant bend down to put on my clothes. does it get any better? will it go away? my doctor said it will go like it has come but reading your blogs it seams that that isnt true?

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Hiya welcome

No it isnt true, i was told to take a year out from work to get my meds right and find out what gave me most pain control, help with fatigue etc.

18mths later i have accepted i am never going to be able to go back to work.

Everything is worse. I pace myself, i rest, i take tablets, i dont, i sleep all day or not at all, i can barely walk, i cant dress apart from dresses i can pull on, i cant cook no more.

It isnt curable, and i know a positive attitude helps but i am afraid i cant muster that up when i am in so much pain and no help or understanding from anyone else who doesnt have it.

Im 45 and have had it for 20 plus years but only diagnosed in 2010.

I am so sorry to hear you have it and i hope to god you find something that will work for you enough to lead a better life.

gentle hugs xx


thank you for that. im working at the moment but it is a struggle. it is very hard to be positive when evryday all you can think about is how bad is it going to be today. I feel tired all the time but also have trouble going to sleep on a night which doesn't really make sense. i hope that being on this site will help me as there are so many nice people on it. like you x


This site is a big help, at least we all know what you are going through. Feel free to pm me anytime.

Everyone will support you and offer advice on here.

take care.



hi tracey have had fibro for7 years now was able to work at first but now have had to give it up, as this time i didnt get better think it was because i carried on working when i shouldnt have done but because i was worried about money tried to carry on with it. it isnt curable and you do get flare-ups but you have to go with it believe me tried to carry on as normal didnt do myself any favors so now if im tired i sleep if im in pain take tablets what i will say is fight for the help you need from docters dont let them fob you off insist you go to see a rheumy and hydrotherapy is supposed to be good waiting to go myself. good luck xx


A warm welcome and sorry to hear you have the dreaded fibro!

Like you, I have always been in control of my life, family and friends. in fact I've always been the one to keep everyone else going and cheered up. That was untill approximately 15/18 months ago when I started with fatigue, joint pain, gut problems, foggy brain and slowly became a recluse in my own home. I stopped working last year because it became too much of a challenge plus I was worried that I was critically ill.

It was only last week that I ended up paying to see a private Rheumatologist to get a diagnosis because I couldn't put up with it any longer. I am now on Amtriptaline and Tramadol at bedtime to get my sleep pattern back to normality, apparently lack of sleep is a big facter in fibro.

I just hope I continue to improve then at least I can have some quality of life back.

I hope this site helps you as much as me. Good luck, hope this has been some help to you.

Hugs xx


Sorry Tracy, I came down with this illness in1989/90. Was working full time, but like you became overwhelmed with the pain. Struggling to get into work and lasting 3 days if I was lucky,then off work again. In the end was allowed to take early retirment on health grounds;I was 52/53 then. Sorry to say, it;s been all downhill since so prepare yourself for a long haul. But saying that,there would appear to be various degrees of this FM. Some people can get out and do their shopping or visit relatives or go away on holiday. I could maybe do this when it first started and there again I am now having to take my age into consideration.. You may be OK and get over it and I honestly really hope you do. But you did ask if it got any better and all I could do was give you my experience of this terrible, debiliting illness.

Wishing you load of luck for the future.



thank you all so much for your comments. it is a great help to know tht there are people out there that can help hugs tracey x


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