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bedtime rant

bedtime rant

i feel like a burden on family today! just sitting here saving energy as we have people coming over to measure stairs for stair lift for hubby.

as i am new here i shall explain my husband was diagnosed amlost 7 years ago with multiple sclerosis. so now i have been diagnosed with FM, hes having to chase after me instead of the other way around.My son also has scoleosis adhd and autism.

It just took me 2 hours to write up the list of things i cant do so my GP knows the whole list of problems and pains of things i can not do any more so he can help me fill in a stack of forms to apply for. and boy they cant make simple work easy! Hell no they like to take the micky out of people like us who take a half hour just to type what should have taken 10 min. took all my tablets an hour ago with still no affect what a surprise looks like i might have to up the doses on a few yet again to get relief and sleep. so even though i am saying good night i will be back in 2 to 3 hours as thats the pattern. sorry bout the mixed rant on everything and nothing.


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