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My fibro has gotten so bad b/c it has gone untreated for 10 yrs dr's always trying to do or not know a diagnosis that I haven't been able to even make it to work (which I work at a very simple job in my opinion). Anyone had success w/ disability or social security or tips of home jobs or what you all do for extra money and help when u can barely get out of bed?

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  • Hi jruthpark,

    I am not clear as to whether you have been diagnosed with FM. If you have not been diagnosed, you may want to see a doctor able to clearly assess/diagnose.

    A disability claim rests heavily upon diagnoses and the statements/assessments of your physicians.

    The Social Security Administration has more information about requirements for filing disability claims.

    It is possible to win a disability determination based upon FM.

    This link gives specific information: socialsecurity.gov/OP_Home/...

    Hope this offers at least some of the info you are seeking. :)


  • the link above is for the US I believe. Processes and rules are very different in other countries, but in principle it helps with social benefits if you have a diagnosis. Occupational health measures, if available, can be arranged based on symptoms.

  • Hi, yes, the link is for the U.S. I may have wrongly assumed the question was being asked from the U.S. "Social Security" is a term I usually hear re: U.S. benefits.

    Please forgive the error if I had made the wrong assumption. :) KT_Rose

  • No, you mad the right one I am trying to look into the US, and I don't even think I can handle the three days a week of work right now I'm at such a bad point with it. Or what people do for extra income from home when they can't leave.

  • I hope the information helps. I don't have answers for the home income question. Sorry. You are wise to look into your options. :) KT_Rose

  • Can a Rheumatologist give you a letter stating whether you have it or not? I am still awaiting an appointment but I am 100% sure that I have Fibro. I know that some people state that it can take a long time to get diagnosed?

  • Doesn't matter how easy or hard your job is it is the effort of getting up and out that is tiring and then trying to do anything. I have another friend who makes cards at home but there may be some saturation in that area and she won a grant to help with initial costs.

    Do you still mean that your fibro is not being treated? There is no cure only pain management and possibly a pill to try and alter how your brain perceives pain. It is very difficult to diagnose as there is no simple test for it.

  • Right now I'm only treating naturally next month I'll speak to my rheumatologist again for other options. Today I go to my family physician because yes, I'm having a hard time making it even to my three days a week of work I cut down to I just don't think I can do it, so I wondered what others did.

  • i was fortunate in working for the nhs they had more of an obligation to make adaptation, i initially went to 3 day working but 12hr shifts, this worked for me because it cut down the early rises, washing, and getting too and from work, i also started using a mobility scooter at work which helped for the longer distances. I also applied, and got a blue badge on the basis that anything that could be cut down outside work that would help. I know there was another lady at work who did it differently and only worked a maximum of 2 days together.

    On my days of i slept.

    it was hard getting the last adaptation and several times they tried to get rid of me, even to a "member of the public" reported me for being spaced out on morphine in charge of a scooter. Now heck how would anyone else know that.

    Anyway eventually it was the pain in my hands that stopped me, i cant physically wash and dress every day eventually the pain becomes to great and it has been that which stopped me in my tracks

  • Glad you are seeing your doctor. :) KT_Rose

  • I am impressed with the information shared in the Fibroaction Fibromyalgia A-Z guide. Very comprehensive. If you'd like to take a look at it, you will find it under "Pinned Posts" in upper right of the forum's front page. :) KT_Rose

  • I can see that you have been given some wonderful advice so I will just wish you all the best of luck.

    Good luck


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