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Hi everyone,

I am a young female who has been suffering from Fibro for almost 5 years now.

I entered the Miss England competition to be published and raise awareness for fellow sufferers.

Since, I have become a radio and TV presenter which has now become a great passion of mine. From a degree in counselling to a job in investment banking to now presenting, I have tried most things I have wanted to despite having Fibro and now Osteopenia (bordering on Osteoporosis)

I just want everyone to know that the motto that keeps me going is 'if you believe you will succeed' because we are no less than anyone else and if we stop doing things we want to do, we will watch life pass us by.

The thing that gets me down is when people dont seem to understand but then I realise we have a community of our own so I hope you find a friend in me so we can help each other through,

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or add me on facebook: facebook.com/simran.gill.1466

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  • hiya lovely to meet you ,just added you on fb ,its brilliant what you have done to raise awarness ,well done you ! :-D

    hope you enjoy the group ,i think its great gentle hugs xxx

  • well done please read the question on the site about human rights

  • is that in regards to posting my facebook page profile? apologies I only jst saw the guidelines

  • No Simran ,

    There's a post in the questions section about our human rights , I think lally is asking if you can read it. :)

  • Ive just sent a friend request

  • Hi Simran,first let me say welcome to the site hope you get from it that we do.

    A place to rant,ask questions,tell us what you are doing and have a laugh.

    Second may I say what a beautiful girl you are,I would outside and in.I exspect you are very familiar with people saying "But you look so well".

    I have put in a friends request also.Look forward to hearing more from you.

    Love and hugs Jayne xxxxxx

  • Hi Simran,

    Welcome to this warm and whacky site, where you are aloud to just be yourself, rejoice in and cry with other members if you so wish, you sound a lovely person and I will request your friendship also.

    Soft Hugs, Sue x x x x

  • Hi Simran,

    Welcome to this Fab site, with lovely helpful and careing people, this site has also made me realize i'm not alone and just that in it's self has made a big difference in my life :-) i have also sent you a friend request

    love and gentle hugs Jackie xxxxx

  • I cant thank you all enough for your comments, I actually have tears in my eyes as its like someone finally gets it and not just the pain but understands every single thing about Fibro.

  • lol i know i think we all feel like that when we find this site idt feels like you have been blind for yers and suddenly you can see love to you diddle xxx

  • Hi there, you have a very positive outlook, I like that. I have always been reasonably positive and I have always known where I am going. The trouble is, now fibro has hit me I seem to have hit a brick wall. My job is tough as I work for the Police as a PCSO and no-one understands the pain I am going through. My management just have the attitude that "If you can't fulfill your role then you have no place here." If I had more help and support I would be able to carry on in my job. I am getting pig-sick of fighting now, it has been going on over two years. When I have got fed up with a job before I have always been able to find something else. Now with the fibro I am going to find it difficult to move on, especially now I have a mortgage and other financial commitments. Like you, I have drive and ambition. I am looking at going back to university as that will open doors for me; I was thinking Social Work. Take care and keep doing what you enjoy! Regards.

  • Hey, I know it gets so tough sometimes and unfortunately no one understands other than fellow sufferers as they will never truly feel as we do.

    I was working full time in investment banking but the hours and commute proved to be too much of a struggle for me as the fibro only gets worse with too much strenuous activity.

    We have to find a balance, we cant spend our times just sitting still nor can we out do ourselves. we need to push ourselves over what seems like a limit then rest accordingly.

    I find that with this illness, freelance working or part time working is best whilst trying to fight this. You need to give urself a minimum of two/three days off a week where you allow your body and mind to completely recover and as for the other days you just need to push through and smile at the fact that at least we are still breathing :)

    Are you on a diet or anything to help?

  • Hi and a very warm welcome to you . i have not facebook or twitter so cant follow you on those but well done you for raisinga warness is which is so badly needed. i hope to chat to you again love diddle x

  • Hi Simran

    this is the bset site everyone is so kind & caring. It is great to be able to be honest about how you are feeling instead of having to smile & say fine as explaining how you feel drains your positivity!

    xxx soft hugs dottiedog

  • Hi Simran, welcome to this lovely site, you can be sure EVERYONE knows and understands what you are going through. You are certainly among friends here, we can have a cheeky giggle, be understood, have a moan or get helpful advice. Just knowing someone else knows how you feel is a help and stops you going slightly nuts..:-}

    take care, thoughts

    Jan H xx

  • hello simran

    welcome to this site its a great site and everyone is like family we can all be ourselves and have a laugh also find out loads of info everyone is so kind on here and its great to be able to feel you belong staying positive is the key but sometimes its hard as we all know anyway welcome and enjoy xx soft hugs xx

  • Welcome Simran,

    I am so pleased to hear all the lovely things that have been said about the forum and please have a look at the main Fibro Action site (link below), it's stuffed full of information.

    I have just visited your fabulous facebook page and friend requested you. I'm also following you and premz (he's brilliant), having visited both twitter pages and seen his videos on YouTube.

    I hope we see lots of you

    happy hugs, kate :)

  • Sorry, had a fog moment, here is the link for Fibro Action.


    happy hugs, kate :)

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