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Still awake

Oh look its 2.50am and i am still awake, im so tired but no matter what i do i cant drop off to sleep ive had 4 amitriptyline tabs about 9pm dozed for an hour now im up so i thought i would talk to anyone who is still awake

i even tried to do a bit off weeding earlier but some joker seems to have moved the ground, it seems further away than it used to when i could bend down without everything hurting and the arthritic hands seem to drop more stuff each day so i think i will leave that for the lad who cuts the grass.

might try again to see if i can get some sleep if not il be back lol

Lin x

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I'm still awake too. Got really tired at about 1am so tried to sleep, then within 5 minutes I got (what I call) itchy bones in my left arm. It's like restless legs but in my arm. Does anyone else get that? It's been going on for over 3 and a half hours now and is driving me mental. I took a 5mg Diazepam at about 2. Just waiting for it to kick in. Bruiser I hope you got to sleep. Looks like it's going to be an all-nighter for me :-(


hi jt went back to bed at 5 and i think i slept till 6.30 been up a while restless legs dont help.

still its not raining yet so might venture out

hope u got some sleep


Lin x


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