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Was reading this and thought if anyone is interested?

Re: Essential Research Project on Fibromyalgia

I am currently a BSC Psychology student at the University of Buckingham carrying out a research on the effect of activity on fibromyalgia and possible ways of improving symptoms of this condition. For this purpose I am looking for patients with fibromyalgia who would be interested to take part in a 10-day research study. The findings might help improve symptoms of fibromyalgia and help patients develop coping strategies that will have an impact on their overall wellbeing.

Every participant will help to increase the knowledge of fibromyalgia and therefore help to provide a better understanding of ways to treat fibromyalgia and its symptoms.

Therefore I would kindly ask you to consider this research for members of your support group. For additional information please see the enclosed document with details about the study.

I would very much appreciate if you could get back to me as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time!

Kind regards,

Alena Meister

Movement in fibromyalgia: The effect of activity on movement, disability and pain


Medical conditions, such as fibromyalgia have been treated trough a variety of methods, one of which is gaining popularity, this is known as graded exercise. Research has shown that graded exercise can significantly improve effects of fibromyalgia and reduce a number of symptoms experienced by fibromyalgia patients (Richards & Scott, 2002). This research aims to identify the effect of movement on fibromyalgia sufferers and to investigate the effects of activity on kinesiophobia and fibromyalgia. Previous research indicates that various factors contribute to fibromyalgia symptoms and that these can be reduced through a variety of strategies like sleep, diet, exercise, cognitive behaviour therapy and relaxation (Buckelew et al., 1998; Donalson, Speight & Loomis, 2001).


The procedure will require patients to fill out a questionnaire booklet to measure baseline pain levels and keep a diary of their activities and pain levels over 10 days, which will take no longer than 10 minutes each day. At the end of the 10 days participants will be further asked to complete the initial assessment again, indicating the effect their activities have had on their symptoms. During the 10-day period, participants will be asked to monitor their daily activity by wearing a pedometer and will be asked to add a 20 min activity into their daily routine.


Through this research it will be possible to make further recommendations on the treatment of the condition of fibromyalgia patients and therefore improve their lifestyle. Furthermore it is essential to explore the effects of home-based activities on fibromyalgia to develop further improvement techniques that could be included in daily routines. Through the information acquired by this research it will be possible to help patients develop coping strategies for the symptoms of fibromyalgia and demonstrate how easy accessible home-based activities might have an impact on their overall wellbeing.


This research has been granted ethical approval by the University of Buckingham. All participants will be informed about the nature of the study and will be asked to give their written consent prior to the study. Participants will be told that they can withdraw at any time of the study and they are not obliged to answer any questions that make them feel uncomfortable.

Participants will be notified that all their data will be treated confidential and anonymous at all times and that they will not be identifiable in any way. Additionally all participants will be told that the activity is voluntary and will be carefully monitored. After taking part in the study all participants will be debriefed and notified about the outcomes of the study. All participants will be provided with medical helpline and local support group contact details for further support if necessary.

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hi As a master student i would take part but i am an active person ( ish) and may not represent the best or worse of fibro .. Up to you PM me if interested

gentle dyslexic hugs


I would be willing to help you..having had this for 9 yrs...


Yes I would like to help if appropriate


very happy to help, good luck with your study

Shazzad xx


I would like to help with this. I am less than 12 months diagnosed but am sure i have had it much longer. I do have other health issues would that be a problem


Just a line to say that it's not me who is doing this research.

I put this on for anyone who lives nearby and you would have to reply to the advertisement. Good luck if anyone gets onto the scheme, I live too far away.

Soft hugs to


would of loved to take part as more needs to be researched of the effects on peoples lives but realise it is in buckinghamshire


Yes that goes for me too, would love to have taken part. I've had Fibromyalgia for over four years now, symptoms for years before that, and would like to have helped research. However, I live in the wrong area. :(


I am interested in taking part in this research if it is still relevant.



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