I officially give up this month, doc has just confirmed that I have now got shingles on top of fibro flare.....seriously.....can this month get any worse......pain everywhere, even more pain where rash thing is & feel like I have got flu minus the cold bit of it :( been told to up my dose of pentazocine to every 2 hours, but not given me antivirals as thinks they would be too toxic for me & no guarantee they would do much anyway! Hope everyone else is having a far better day, love & huggles, Janey xx xx

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  • aww i do feel for you, try to rest. hope your meds help

    sending you gentle hugs, poppy xx

  • Awww bless you Frazzle2day,

    I had 3 lots of Shingles a couple of months ago and it was soooo painful, so I completley understand how you must feel.

    Soft HUGS,

    Sue x x x

  • Hi frazzle2day you certainly have had everything thrown at you hopefully the meds will help and with plenty of rest start feeling a bit better soon. sending you very soft hugs xx

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