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I don't know why this upset me so much, but ti did. I just placed this on a review website. I know it's probably over the top but it's the way that they spoke to me on the phone and in the email. i feel really depressed, maybe that's why it got to me. my hands are killing me

"Bad Customer Experience

HMV only knows how to talk about customer service. They do not have a clue how to deliver it. I also believe that they have a discriminating view towards disabled people.

I pre ordered Mad Men season 4. On it's arrival, upon opening the case, the discs fell to the floor. The inside of the case was broken. Emailed Customer Service (Lindsay Craig ) and was told to return all for a replacement. I did state the discs played fine. The issue was the case. I am disabled and do all my shopping from home. I explained this, over the phone, to CS. Angie (CS) said, after she speaks to a supervisor, that I would get a decision in another email.

Their answer remained the same. She(Lindsay Craig) even went so far as to say"ask a friend", to take it for me. I owe my friends many favours (due to my disability), and I'm not about to waste a favour on this.

I spent £15.00 on this box set. The least I would have expected was an offer of a couple pounds returned. I probably wouldn't have accepted, but the offer would have been nice. Also when I placed my order, the website stated, if ordered before 2pm that I'd receive it the next day. I made my order a couple minutes past 1pm. Not only did it not arrive, the next day, it took 2 days!

This email took a long time for me to type. My hands are in constant pain. But I felt so let down by the response I received, that I had to write this review.

Signed an ex-HMV customer"


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Hi charlie, you have every right to feel anhry and upset at the treatment you recieved. If you feel that they have not responded in an appropriate way and have not done anything to replace the case then you can contact their head office and /or press office. You have every right to ask for a replacement and the right to be treated with respect. Rest your hands now and if you still feel upset by this or decide you would like something done you can tackle it freshly tomorrow

take care hugs poppy xx


there is nothing worse than a wanna be a manager clerk. rest up then send a letter to their public relations manager. post itif u can so that some idjeet doesnt destroy it off the computer or irritate you on the phone. butterfly hugsand soft fluttersover your poor hnads.petal


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