no sleep!!!!! feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulder all of them aching, so tired and fed up, ibs uncontrolable for the last week feel a nusiance if i go to doctors although they are good with me , it hurts if i lay on my side, duvet to heavy for my feet i just want to curl up and hide today , But i'm not goin to let this horrible thing win. Thank god for my hubby who lifts my spirits and my friends, i had a lovely day with them yesterday atleast the weather is starting to pick up :) hope you all have a good day

teresa xxxxxx

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  • That's the ticket give mr fibro a kick but like mr after a day of fun we pay the price :-(

    Chin up as you say sunny day :-)

    Soft hugs xxx


  • thanks penny soft hugs back, i have been and had a gentle walk with my husband and the lil pooch tired me out but was also good to get some fresh air xx

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