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Yesterday my netbook was saying cannot connect to unternet so i had to use my home pc to come on here i took it back to the shopand the lad said i needed to connect it to my wireless router by putting in my password i didnt know what he was talking about but he told me what to do gave me a phone number which would go direct to him and si i came home unconvinsed it would work but it did he said it def would but i was a bit sceptical lol but he knew his stuff so am now up and running on tjere but i needs charging now as i wentto bed with it last night and was looking at furniture so drained the battery lol

oh well love to you all and hopefully be back on here later if not will be back tomorrow at some point depends how today goes love to you all diddle xx

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bless you diddle ,well atleast the man at the shop was very nice xxx


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