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hey, wish me luck. I have to go for interview training to the jobcentre. If i don't go, I'll lose the small sum, I receive in benefits. I tried to explain over the phone, I still have a job, although not getting any money for it. lol

The good luck is so i don't completely lose my temper and say something i'll regret. This is really f**kin stupid. I hurt a lot just like we all do. this past week has been way over the top. Also went way down, in how much i'm sleeping again. I hate it, and want to cry. My partners been in the states all week and won't be back for another week. i didn't want to worry her and take away from her holiday so i didn't mention anything.

f**k,f**k f**k ok that feels a little bit better

thanks for listening


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Glad that made you feel better Charlie lol and good luck at job centre mine is hell and they treat you like scum, hence I have been thrown out once for swearing lol



Good luck with the interview training. With all the hoops everyone has to jump through to get any kind of benefit, it seems like you have to be a gymnast to qualify! I think 'they' are confusing benefit applications with Olympic team applications - LOL! Perhaps you should ask them for a gold medal!

Anyway - just remember - if you lose your temper with them, that wastes valuable energy that would be better kept for something you WANT to do. And really - are they worth it? I wouldn't spend my hard-earned pennies on them, so I also wouldn't spend my hard-earned energy either!

Keep calm and carry on interviewing!

Good Luck


i was dreading it but she was lovely and let me have interview downstairs (lift broke ) she said i should be in support group and asked me to apeal . She said she not want to see me again for 6 months xx.


Thanks everyone for your support and kind words

charlie xxx


Good luck Charlie, ive got my DLA appeal tomor as well. Lets hope we have good news. Keep us posted on how you get on. Hug & love to you. Helen xx


hope it goes well for you! my lady at the interview also told me to appeal as well as other things. she was lovely but i was terrified! anyway long story short, the CAB have taken up my appeal and today they have also taken on the job of trying to get higher award for my care in DLA. i alreadt get high rate mobility. they are also looking into the amount of esa as CAB says i;m getting the wrong amount, should be more AND they are looking into my housing benefit award as i;m recieving less after moving (because of health) to a smaller place. i cant praise CAB enough for their understanding and help. here;s to a good ouycome for us all!


OK, i went to "interview training". my mother-in-law went with me. Wouldn't you know it, i also am having one of those killer want to die,pain days from hell. i was even shaking, it hurt so much. we took the buses, which was so a mistake. I was told to tell Jimn, interviewer, that i still had a job, which i did. He was great. he said today wasn't needed and if i would just allow him to update my records. He answered most of the questions for me.he said for sure i shoild apppeal and then told me what's next. it still took about an hour but it was worth it. i didn't feel the need to swear at alll.he gave me a copy of his assessment of my conditon today. Damn, i'm in bad shape and he saw and wrote that down. So all in all, a good day. thanks again everyone for the good vibes. i can honestly say, i love you all, because you all know how i feel.


ps we took a taxi home


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