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stomache pains

I woke today with aching sore legs but nothing too unbearable, but by lunchtime I developed horrible stomache pains that just havent eased at all I dont know where to get and never had stomache problems so dont know if there is anything I can take. The guilt I am having everyday for my partner when I am so useless is making me so upset. I keep telling him that Id understand if he wants a life with somone else even though it would kill me to lose him. does anyone know of something i can buy over the counter for this awful pain, I dont have upset tummy or sickness just awful pain.

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if you have no sickness or diarohea, and you arent constipated?? you really should go docs or ae if it gets too bad, stomach pains arent a symptom of fibro hun xxx


hi there i had this problem just over a week ago and it doubled me in pain i didnt think it was anything serious it felt like trapped wind in my stomach but it was so painful i got some windeez from the chemist and felt better after taking a few of the tablets but everyone else is right you should see the doc to be on the safe side let us all know how you get on big gentle hugs and hope you feel better soon xxx


Nadine, i suffer the most appalling stomach pains/massive cramps, even what feels like a hard fist under my ribs for four years now, go see you doctor as they can check you over. with fibro its always best to get things checked just in case you have an infection etc. however IBS is common with fibro and can be extremely painful. i have come to learn i have development an intolerance to yeast dairy and wheat. i have been sticking to the cave man diet and am suffering much less.

but you must go to doctors first. mine is always worse when i have an infection too and i am given antibiotics for that too.

let us know how you get on

gental hugs

happe <3


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