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Morning pains?


Hi every one some people complain of wakking up stiff, but I wake up with electric stabbing pains everywhere, it's awful the pain is like glass stabbing me and severe tummy pains that come and go can any one relate x!???

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Morning lovely when posts pop up with various questions like pain etc I feel like I am at school when a question was asked I used to desperately put me hand up going I know I know it’s bit like that here , I am like I have that yep I have that also blimey I have that as well I am currently in my kitchen with the most awful electric stabbing pains in my legs and hands and today in my face which is novel when trying to drink tea lol. So yes I do to your answer and I can so relate to you sending love and hugs 🥰😊🥰 xx

Lolabaker in reply to Panda1968

Thanks babe u defo have the same symptoms as me I'm sorry but also pleased I'm not alone xxxxx

Panda1968 in reply to Lolabaker

Your never alone here honey xxxx

Lolabaker in reply to Panda1968


Yes hunni I do. Stiffness, cramps, stabbing and burning sensation... Its awful. Last night I was kept awake because of muscle spasms in my legs and toes. I've not managed to find anything that can help with this yet, but I would love to see if anyone else has found something that can help relieve these pains xx

Lolabaker in reply to Amy_88

I took cocodamol today it defo takes edge off for me I take it when I really find pain to much I also take duloxotine 30mg for anxiety xxx and hot water bottle xx


If it helps my Doctor has focussed me on anti-inflammatories rather than pain relief. A kind of - "better to remove the cause of pain than to just stop feeling it". For me it works and I have been taking Naproxen at 250mg. I started with 500mg but that made me a zombie.= with a belly-ache. (Maybe that why zombies moan so much! :-) ) I tend to take Naproxen for three days at a time when things get bad.

It is not always apparent that it is inflammation that is causing pain but it does work for me. However if you suffer the neurological issues then your sense of pain may be exaggerated and that is where the anti-depressants come in

If you do take Naproxen then my advice is don't mix it with anything else. I used a decongestant once and found to my cost that there were quite serious side effects like hallucinations and noise sensitivity. Now I just sniff salt water up my nose - not taking any more chances!

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