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I am 35 years old and I have no kids. I am thinking how much I'd love to have at least one before it's too late. I have been with a quite agressive fibro for over a year now and it only seems to be spreading and getting worse. I think you can't be on any medication when you are pregnant and my meds are so far conventional meds from nhs. I also read preganancy makes it even worse. Honestly what I read it really put me off - it seems there's no way I could possibly spycollogically or physically survive it. Has anyone got experience with fibro and pregnancy - and/or has a good advise?

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I was told Ive had fibro for 30 in that time I had 6 pregnancies 1st was stillborn but I went on to have 5 kids, I wasnt to bad than, aches and pains and tiredness, but I coped, have a word with your gp or specialist and find out all the pro s and cons, you need to have all the info before you can decide


hi i would talk it over with the Gp soon maby a change of meds will help. I have 4 kids and had fms for 3 of them and the pregnacy was fine ,some people really find pregnacy pain free so thats a hope but sometimes you just need to go for it ..


I've lived with fibro most of my life but not badly as many here, I feel like a fibro fraud reading most stories here.

However, I have had 4 pregnancies and not regreted one, oddly I seem to have been at my healthiest whilst pregnant, (not including the miscarriage)!

I had 2 emergancy c-sections with epidural, one VERY stressfull vaginal delivery and just the one miscarriage followed by a D&C.

My husband was in the RN and away at sea for most of the time so I was often left to cope alone, and we had 2 dogs and a cat to care for.

I home educate, now down to just one child as the older two are working and going through college, so don't listen too much to the horror stories, there always seem to be lots of those!

Everyone is different and I think you'd be the best to decide what's right for you. As the others say, talk to your GP and maybe chat to some midwives, they are the specialists after all;))

Would love to know how you get on, I'm now approaching 51yrs and my youngest is 13, so I was hardly a young mum!

Good luck, what ever you decide.

BB Lunar


Has a midwife got experience with women with fibro? My partner's mom was a midwife and his dad's was an nhs gp but I never thought they could be useful. I mean as grandparents I think they could work very well but I never thought of asking about this things. I feel funny when it's about their very first grandchild and when I am in such a difficult situation. I don't know why I fear I could regret it. My partner is not very convinced he wants a baby, indeed he keeps saying he doesn't - for some reason since he found out that my mom thiks I should whatsoever he's happier with the idea - don't ask me why? I just wouldn't take very well any negative reply. And, whenever the time comes i am doing it anyway since it's me and only me who's got the first and last word here I feel. Maybe is better to go to neutral docs although particularly she could take it wrong?? She personally told me what her profession was when I met her...and my partner is always boasting about how many kids his mon has delivered???


If you can get your Fibro under control first, that is ideal. Some people do find that pregnancy helps with the Fibro, but looking after a young child is very demanding.


How do I keep my fibro under control? That really sounds great but I can't imagine that happening. I already take all sorts all things and I am not great really. I feel how the pain is spreading all over my body and I am absolutely exhausted - I can't even cook my own food. If I need to stop my medication it'll be a disaster!!! How do you keep under control? I am trying homeopathy soon and I am trusting is going to make some difference but not magic, honestly!!! I've read that before here and I actually never asked. How do you keep it under control? And how do you kow yu can keep it under control when pregnant as well?


theres no way id be without my kids they re my life, I really hope you can find a way good luck


hi there

i know how you feel about wanting children i am 34 and single but really want children of my own and asap i suffer from fibro all over but i know that the end result of the pain and suffering if it is or was as bad as some of the stories i have read then at the end of the day it would still be really worthwhile as there is nothing more rewarding than having a child at the end of it but yes you do need to talk to your gp first have all the facts and know what to expect and in all honesty the pain tiredness etc cant be any worse than what we already suffer so i say if you want it bad enough then go for it and we will all be here to support you when you need it

as soon as i find the right person then im going for it even if i dont find the right person i will go it alone as its somthing i feel very passionate about good luck and keep us posted as to what you decide to do hun all the best :-) xxx


I'm now 48 and have two grown up children. they are both adopted as I couldn't carry full term.

Please don't read this as a horror story, it's far from it!

Fibro sufferers can have fertility problems, but there are obviously a lot of them who don't, and I sincerely hope you are one of them :)

All I wanted to say was that if you are unlucky enough to have trouble, it's not the end of the world, there are other options.

My children were 5 and 2 when they came to me and they are both wonderful, lovely kids and I love them to bits, even if they have given me hell at times!!!!(especially now they are teenegers!!!!!!!!!)


I was one with ferility problems I went for 5 yrs before having my first child that was after taking clomide, sadly he was still born, you really do need to talk it through, all fibromites are different good luck


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