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What a week

Thought beginning of week not looking forwat to getting to greece ok once the traveling over can enjoy my pain in peace!!!!!! Then went to work got exhausted and in so much pain getting surgery sorted for inspection. Practice manager calls me into office to tell me I am being made redundant,!!!!! What a bolt out of the blue. Are you sure I am a nurse I said its because of my health they say just have to cut down they say. So of to greece to lick my wounds and prepare for battle when I get back c u all soon x x x

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Sorry you had that news just befor your Holiday webby not nice iknow ihave been there the NHS need a good shake up we need more nurse's like you and less managers bring back Matron :-) , Have a good holiday and fight it when you come back .

soft hugs ))))) Allan x


totally agree with you allan ,my nan was a matron ,and you didnt here of dirty wards in her day !

and so sorry webby what a really rubbish thing to happen before your holiday ,i hope you can still enjoy your break :) xxx


hi webby just rmember worrying about it wont change it while you are in greece just enjoy the break come back bronzed off lol and stick it to them petal


Hi Webby, so sorry to hear your news, don't let it ruin your holiday, chill and relax in the sun, i find in the sun i'm in less pain and generally feel a lot better.

Re allan and lynz posts TOTALLY agree, big shake up needed, get rid of all the "managers" and keep the people needed to treat YOU Recharge batteries then give them some.

Enjoy and take care

Jan H xx


get rid of managers not people like you enjoy your holiday and comeback ready to fight good luckxxx




Hi Webby. Not nice news I know. I was made redundant from the education system last year. Was devistated,but has turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. I had a nice redundancy package. Managed to get another job with half the hours(& half the pay!!). But I can now manage much better altho' working not great with the Fibro. Didn't think I would manage finacially with much reduced hours, but I have and all has turned out for the best.

However, I do recognise that everyone has different circumstances, but sometimes there is light at the end of the tunnel. What ever tho' give them a good run for their money and fight it all the way. I did! But lost, but sometimes even the balckest outlook has a silver cloud that comes along. Enjoy your holiday and put it out of your mind for that time, or they will have spoilt that for you too!! Best wishes Sue.


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